Citadel: Forged with Fire - Livestream for the New Character Customization

Developer Livestream for the New Character Customization Options

Greetings fellow wizards! The new character customization comes our way. The new system should allow a much greater degree of role-playing flexibility. you can now create a character from a vast amount of options. Players will also have the option to delete characters when playing now.

The options to modify will be split into three different sections Head, Body, and Color allowing for a unique customization. Whether a tiny man or a hulking giant, the creator can provide countless combinations. You can expect to get your hands on this in the coming patch later this week. For now, check out the Livestream below for a peek at what is to come:

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Dennis and Sawyer sit down and check out the New Character Customization options:

Recent Fixes

Be sure to do your part by sharing your feedback and suggestions! You can share your feedback in the Steam Community on Twitter and Facebook! Here are some of the recent fixes in patch 1.08:


  • Fixed issue where some PC’s could get stuck on R to load in Forest due to shader warm-up taking an extremely long time
  • DS - In game browser, fixed server request timing out before fetching all available servers (decoupled server data fetching from UI element creation, improved time to create UI elements, lowered refresh rate of the UI grid when adding new rows)
  • Fixed stashing a weapon while lighting it on fire possibly breaking the burning upgrade and also possibly leaving lighter in a state it cannot light any weapon on fire anymore
  • DS - Fixed issues with config file parameter
  • (Multiplayer) Fixed difficulty not properly synced with clients after loading a saved game
  • (Multiplayer) Discovered passengers are now preserved after dying



Jul 12 2018, 12:55 am
Zachary Smith
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