Conan Exiles - What to Expect In Future Updates

Conan Exiles Developer Update:

The developers of Conan Exiles (Funcom) have released information into their plans for what is to become of Conan Exiles in the coming months.

"As we’re closing in quickly on the release of the Frozen North free expansion update and the release of the game on Xbox One Game Preview on August 16th, I wanted to take a minute to write down some of the things that we have been working towards. I understand that sometimes the reason why we are making changes and decisions isn’t always transparent and I am hoping to provide a little insight into the way we go about things.

With the release of The Frozen North, and there are major changes to the game itself, across the board. I believe the accumulation of these changes, along with the updates we’ve made since launch, provides a new and different Conan Exiles than the game we launched at the beginning of Early Access.

Today we also released a video that gives an overview of some of the changes and additions we’ve done to the game since Early Access started and what’s coming in The Frozen North:

Character and Content Rebalance
The Exiles Journey is a new UI and content that we have added to the game to provide slightly more guidance to players who might be unfamiliar with survival games

Combat has been tweaked and changed with this update. I’ve gone into detail about combat timings, control feel and animation canceling in some of the live streams, but this is an area that requires a lot of testing and tweaking. If you find your eyes glazing over – feel free to skip ahead to the next section.

A short list of major changes:
Separated Heavy and Light Attacks
Removed Sprinting in Combat
Dodge is defensive. You cannot dodge forward into combat, but only sideways and away from combat.
Using block now cancels recovery time on your attack animations.
Human NPCs are now much more of a challenge and in groups, they will be very difficult.
A temperature system has been added to the game. A new icon on the HUD that shows the current temperature as your character is experiencing it.

PvP Fast – Increased Progression. Buildings can only be destroyed during a time window each day.

PvP Normal – Regular Progression. Buildings can only be destroyed during a time window each day.

PvP Mayhem – Fast Progression. Full Building destruction at any time of the day.

PvE Fast – Increased Progression. Buildings and other players can never be attacked.

PvE Normal – Regular Progression. Buildings and other players can never be attacked."


To read the full article, click here.

    Aug 12 2017, 03:49 am
    John Baumb
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