Conan Exiles Map Guide - The Exiled Lands


In the exiled lands of Conan Exile, enemies lie around every section of the map waiting to attack from the desert lands, swamps, and cities laid about the map to protect their lands. Exploring these zones is vital to achieving better loot and higher levels, and fighting back against them is a necessity as you play with your friends and advance.

When advancing, knowing the map, your surroundings, and how to get around will ensure you have a clear path forward to destroy and conquer the world of Conan. Bring your friends for a barbaric battle as we explore The Exiled Lands and uncover the exploration of the map through our Conan Exiles map guide for your Conan Exiles server!


The wondrous map of Conan Exiles - The Exiled Lands features many different biomes with hundreds of camps, caves, dungeons, ruins, and vistas to explore! Each location with different enemies, challenges, and rewards that await, but be weary as death can occur often for an exile of the lands and it may take many times to complete these areas. We have included a map of The Exile Lands and every location indicated by a marker that you can venture to with your friends. We’ll cover the specific areas of The Exiled Lands and what locations you can find within them!

Conan Exiles Map The Exiled Lands


Points of Interest NPC Camps
⛰️ Caves
⛩️ Dungeons
🏛️ Ruins
👁 Vista
🗿 Obelisk
✋ Black Hand
👁️‍🗨️ Darfari Cannibals
/// Dogs of the
🦏 Forgotten Clan
🦌 Heirs of the North
☀️ Lemurians
🌟 Relic Hunters
☕ Ymir’s Children
🔥 Campfire
⛺ Exiles


desert region Conan Exiles Map

A barren wasteland and the initial starting area for the Conan Exiles map guide and your barbarian inside of Conan Exiles, the southernmost of the desert and river is where it all begins as you are cast out to fend for yourself. With enemies on every side and intense windstorms making it difficult to navigate, as you venture forward taking on enemies generally ranging from level 1 to level 30.

desert Conan Exiles map

Ruins & Vistas Camps Caves & Dungeons
🏛️ Algar’s Overlook
🏛️ Chaosmouth
🏛️ Deathwhisper Ruins
🏛️ Deserter’s Gutter
🏛️ Hand of the Maker
🏛️ Lakewatch
🏛️ Mek-kamoses’s Spire
🏛️ Ruins of Old Nebthu
🏛️ Shattered Bridge
🏛️ The Arena
🏛️ The Broken Highway
🏛️ The Imperial Highway
🏛️ The Sentinels
🏛️ The Shattered Basin
🏛️ The Sinkhole
🏛️ The Slave Road
🏛️ The Slaveway
🏛️ The Southern Aqueduct
🏛️ The Tower of Bats
🏛️ The Tradeway
🏛️ Trailer scene
🏛️ Tyros’s Passage
🏛️ Weeping Ruin
🏛️ Westwatch Keep
👁 Fingerfang Rock
👁 Godsight Spire
👁 Ironbreaker Ridge
👁 Pariah’s Overwatch
👁 Priestking’s Retreat
👁 Rhinohorn Ridge
👁 Sand Reaper Hive
👁 Sandscour Pass
👁 Shattered Springs
👁 The Jawbone
✋ Anchor Point
✋ Bilgewater Break
✋ Black Hand Camp 01
✋ Black Hand Camp 02
✋ Deathwhisper Camp
✋ Lookout Point
✋ Marauder’s Muster
✋ Sailstitch Camp
✋ Scavenger’s Berth
✋ Scoundrel’s Gateway
✋ Spotter’s Squat
✋ Sully’s Ambush
✋ Tarman’s Berth
✋ The Black Galleon
✋ The Sandspit
✋ Voyager’s Vigil
✋ Watchers Waystation
👁️‍🗨️ Bonebreaker’s Bend
👁️‍🗨️ Cannibal’s Rest
👁️‍🗨️ Carver’s Crest
👁️‍🗨️ Darfari Skeleton Camp
👁️‍🗨️ Death’s Shadow Camp
👁️‍🗨️ Dustdevil Ridge
👁️‍🗨️ Fleshtearer Falls
👁️‍🗨️ Gallaman’s Overlook
👁️‍🗨️ Heartsblood Rise
👁️‍🗨️ Howling Plateau
👁️‍🗨️ Marrowman’s Height
👁️‍🗨️ Narrowneck Span
👁️‍🗨️ Raider’s Ridge
👁️‍🗨️ Ravager’s Cleft
👁️‍🗨️ Riverwatch Camp
👁️‍🗨️ Skulker’s End
👁️‍🗨️ Spinebreaker’s Flank
👁️‍🗨️ The Corner of Bones
👁️‍🗨️ The Cursed Way
👁️‍🗨️ The Dryfalls
👁️‍🗨️ Thugra’s Stand
👁️‍🗨️ Witness Camp
/// Bonepicker Camp
/// Claw Outcrop
/// Howler’s Lode
/// Hunter’s View
/// N’batu’s Pack
/// Ruins of al-Merayah
/// Sharptooth Passage
/// The Den
/// Waterhole Outlook
🔥 Mitrad’s Serenity
🔥 Muriela’s Hope
🔥 Shaman’s Rise
⛺ Exiles Camp (1-24)
⛺ Exiles Capital
⛺ Murderbunnies
⛺ Scouting Camp
⛰️ Cavern of Fiends
⛰️ Executioners Entrance
⛰️ Gallaman’s Tomb
⛰️ Hanuman’s Grotto
⛰️ Scuttler’s Shortcut
⛰️ Shaleback Hollow
⛰️ Sinner’s Refuge
⛰️ Skittering Cavern
⛰️ Warren of Degenerates
⛰️ Weaver’s Hollow
⛰️ Xalthar’s Refuge
⛩️ The Dregs
⛩️ The Scorpion Den


floodlands region Conan Exiles Map

A very swampy area known as the Floodlands, in this biome you may comfort many creatures including deadly alligators, as you fight off enemy camps and explore the many ruins and vistas that await in this area for level 20 to 40 players. What secrets will you uncover in this swamp?

Floodlands Conan Exiles map

Ruins & Vistas Camps Caves & Dungeons
🏛️ A Light to Guide Them Home
🏛️ Avenue of the Sun
🏛️ Dagon's Embrace
🏛️ Descent of Dagon
🏛️ Eastern Barracks
🏛️ Gate of the Moon
🏛️ Lower Staging Area
🏛️ Penitent's Crossing
🏛️ Ruined Outpost
🏛️ The Black Garden
🏛️ The Celestial Plaza
🏛️ Watcher of the Passage
🏛️ Xel-ha Docks
👁 Bay of Hulks
👁 Buccaneer Bay
👁 Canopy Outlook
👁 Dagon's Claw
👁 Forkspring Hollow
👁 Hullshatter Cove
👁 Inlet of the Hook
👁 Island of Unsightly Sirens
👁 Mire of Eternal Dreams
👁 The Crevice
👁 The Silkwood
👁 Warrior's Walk
👁 Wreck of the Martyr
👁 Wreck of the Wagtail
👁 Xalthar's Crossing
✋ Captain's Quarters
✋ Flotsam
✋ Jamilla's Liberty
✋ Scupper's Shelter
✋ Talier's Berth
☕ Forgotten City of Xel-ha
☕ Pagoda of Boundless Lusts
🔥 Drifter’s Rest
⛩️ Palance of the Witch Queen
⛩️ The Passage


highlands region Conan Exiles Map

In the dense forests of Conan Exile, the Heirs of the North primarily live here along with plenty of wildlife. Designed for players near level 40 to 50, we recommend bringing strong gear to protect yourself as you navigate through the mountains and trees.

Conan Exiles map highlands

Ruins & Vistas Camps Caves & Dungeons
🏛️ Sanctuary Ruins
🏛️ Skyholme Ruins
🏛️ The Breach
🏛️ The Great Dam
🏛️ The Northern Aqueduct
👁 Devil’s Squat
👁 Godsclaw Passage
👁 Imi’s Cradle
👁 Scartalon Ridgeline
👁 Telith’s Island
🦌 Coldfish Camp
🦌 Desertwatch
🦌 Freya’s Hovel
🦌 Ghostward Tower
🦌 Godsward Tower
🦌 Lian’s Watch
🦌 Mammothrider’s Shanty
🦌 Meadowwatch
🦌 Meltwater Crag
🦌 New Asagarth
🦌 Nordhof
🦌 Rimefisher’s Hut
🦌 Sandward Tower
🦌 Stormwatch
🦌 The Wardtowers
🦌 Trapper’s Cabin
✋ The Pocket
⛰️ Bin-Yakin’s Seal
⛰️ Jhil’s Roost
⛰️ Lockstone Cave
⛰️ The Scraps


snow and ice region Conan Exiles Map

Sending chills down the spine both literally and figuratively, the snowy ice regions of Conan Exiles lie directly underneath the Volcano. Covered in ruins and camps of Ymir’s Children, bringing warm clothing and strong gear will be vital in taking on this area for level 50 to 60 barbarians.

snow and ice area The Exiled Lands Conan Exiles map

Ruins & Vistas Camps Caves & Dungeons
🏛️ Bleakwood Ruins
🏛️ Bridge of the Betrayer
🏛️ Carrowmore
🏛️ Ring of Silence
🏛️ Ruins of Xullan
👁 Eyelet Lake
👁 Frostneedle Forest
👁 Icespire Chasm
👁 Rockfall Canyon
👁 Skyfall Ridge
👁 The Disjunction
👁 The Forge of Ymir
👁 The Frozen Slopes
☕ Blizzard’s Overwatch
☕ Crystalline Chasm
☕ Flamemist Camp
☕ Icekeeper Hollow
☕ The Outcast Camp
☕ The Temple of Frost
☕ Ymir’s Delusion
⛰️ Dragonmouth
⛰️ The Floe
⛰️ The High Way
⛰️ The Passage
⛩️ The Black Keep
⛩️ Undergate


The Exiled Lands Unnamed City Conan Exiles Map

Located at the center of the desert region, The Unnamed City is surrounded by burnt orange colored sand and was originally the seat of power for an ancient race that lived long ago. Abandoned now, this area has been corrupted by foul magics and due to this, the dead walk through the city. If you can survive, you will be rewarded greatly as you battle the creatures within the Unnamed City that are all around level 50.

unnamed city Conan Exiles map

Ruins & Vistas Camps Caves & Dungeons
🏛️ Citadel of the Triumvirate
🏛️ The Archives
🏛️ The Aviary
🏛️ The Dawn Gate
🏛️ The Slave Pits
🏛️ The Spawning Pools
🏙️ The Unnamed City


The Exiled Lands volcano Conan Exiles Map

Surrounded by treacherous mountains of ice and snow, the Volcano is home to many dangerous beasts with lava flows coming down and around the volcanic mountain. At the heart of the volcano, you can find a difficult dungeon that you can take on! Gear up and prepare for a very difficult time as you face level 60 enemies in this area.

Conan Exiles map volcano

Ruins & Vistas Camps Caves & Dungeons
🏛️ Road of the Righteous
🏛️ Shrine of the Oracle
🏛️ The Shattered Stairs
🏛️ Walkway of the Devout
👁 Bridge of Voormithadreth
👁 Path of the Penitent
👁 Road of the Pilgrim
👁 Terrace of the Tenders
👁 The Hidden Way
👁 The Pens
⛩️ The Well of Skelos


The Exile Lands is a vast and deadly world you and your friends can explore together as you play on a Conan Exiles game server. With dangerous lands from the desert, high-water floodlands, heavy forests, icy mountains, and blisteringly hot volcano, plenty of objectives, creatures, and rewards await your journey ahead. Explore and uncover the secrets of The Exile Lands through the Conan Exiles map guide on your own dedicated Conan Exiles server!

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