Conan Exiles: Update Brings The Dregs Dungeon to Life

In addition to some improvements, the new update to Conan Exiles brings us something big: the new dungeon known as "The Dregs".

In the newest update, not only will you notice some improvements and bug fixes, but also some new content. Most notably, the new dungeon "The Dregs". Check it out in this new video:

The rest of the patch notes are listed below:

Conan Exiles Patch Notes

New Dungeon

  • Added "The Dregs" which is a level 10-20 group encounter, soloable at level 30+
  • Added new recipes which can be obtained from exploring the new dungeo
  • Added new armor and melee weapons recipes
  • Added new ranged ammunition recipes
  • Added new consumables recipes
  • All reptiles now drop reptile hide
  • Added several chests of different tiers to the dungeon

General Bug Fixes and Improvements

  • EXPLOIT FIX: Fixed a case where you could duplicate Avatars
  • Fixed a client crash when having a thrall in your inventory and attempting to dye an armor piece
  • Lootbags now properly allow you to add to a stack during looting
  • Equipped items can now also show tooltips
  • Overlapping structure pieces can no longer be made to float
  • Stability now propagates correctly across pillars. Lowest pillars support higher pillar
  • Upgrading foundations no longer destroys placeables on them
  • Fixed some cases of disappearing items
  • Fixed invisible collision on Blacksmith's Benches
  • Blacksmith Benches no longer play audio if no thrall is present
  • Imps, ostriches and other non-humanoids no longer go bonkers if you hit them with a truncheon
  • Trophies and wall lanterns can be placed correctly on walls
  • Fixed a client crash if you died with a thrall in your inventory
  • It is no longer possible to summon an Avatar while in mid air
  • Binding to a bedroll now respawns player correctly on death
  • EXPLOIT FIX: Fixed armor duplication on unconcious bodies
  • If you put stackable items (arrows) in a container and restart then stacksize should no longer be set to 1
  • Yellow Lotus Potions no longer duplicate if moving out of render range

Balance and Gameplay Fixes

  • NPCs in camps should ignore land claim system
  • Lootbags no longer give shelter
  • Interaction System now selects objects closest to center of the screen
  • Disabled 2H spear secondary attack
  • Re-enabled the hammer secondary attack
  • It should now be easier to interact with loot bags dropped on trebuchet foundations
  • Thrall armorers (especially tier 3 and 4) now have more recipes
  • Trebuchet can no longer inflict damage to structures during PvP and PvE time restrictions
  • Added warning notification before you start to take damage from hunger or thirst

Visual Improvements

  • Fixed problems with the character legs during attack, crouch and gathering animations
  • Fixed several trees which looked like they had underwater animations in the distance
  • NPCs (and Hyenas in particular) should no longer shake/move when attacking in close proximity to another NPC
  • Fixed certain building pieces disappearing at long range
  • NPCs now animate correctly at distance on local play

Performance and Tech Fixes

  • Disabled moonlight during day
  • Fixed a server crash when attacking indestructible structures with Avatars

Text and Localization

  • Added tooltip to server settings panel
  • Additional localization for RU, PL and BR translations

Character creation

  • Added better descriptions to the gods
  • Various GUI and text fixes
  • Fixed problems with color picker for eyes


What do you think of the new content in this patch? Let us know in the comments below!

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Apr 8 2017, 03:23 am
Matthew Wiebke
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