CS:GO - The Best Moves from 2016

2016 held a lot of interesting things for CS:GO, seeing many unique tactics employed across many different events. We're here to show you some favorites for the year.

CS:GO fans can look back on some interesting, unusual, or downright incredible scenes in 2016. These favorites are probably some that will be remembered for quite a while.

The Jump of Death

Being down 15-9 is always a sticky moment, especially when you are in the Semi-finals of MLG Columbus against Team Liquid and the only active defender at a bomb site. Coldzera from Luminosity Gaming (now SK Gaming) didn't let this phase him with his exquisite display of marksmanship:

Flash Gun

Who needs a flashbang when your AWP can be the distraction you need? Watch this unique application of weapon dropping from s1mple to get the W in this 1v1:

A Worthy Final

It's your typical cliché underdog story: Luminosity Gaming qualifies for the tournament and fights tooth and nail to the final, where they face-off against the tournament favorite G2 for a 5-round match. Whether it ends like the cliché is already seen, but that shouldn't downplay the tension everyone felt.

A Worthy Final Part II

Luminosity Gaming (now SK Gaming) is again in the final, but this time against Cloud9. We'll let you feel the intensity with this one:

Fail of the Year

With all of the impressive and heroic moments there comes some failures as well, this in particular, is one that shouldn't be missed. After summit manages to best his opponent FugLy in an intense 1v1, where all he has to do is diffuse, he manages to die to his own Molotov:

It was all planned!

Seeing the emergence of some asian players in the CS:GO circuit, Tyloo from China has really etched out a name for himself.In the quarter final of Dreamhack, down 12-8, DD against NaVi managed to pull off something incredible. Although it ended in a round lost, the moment is noteworthy:

Have we forgotten any particularly giant moments? What were some of your favorite moments in CS:GO from 2016? Let us know in the comments below!

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Matthew Wiebke
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