DARCO: Reign of Elements - Now in Pre-Alpha

Now in Pre-Alpha, DARCO is one step closer to your Home PC

Earlier this week a first look at the content within DARCO: Reign of Elements came to light as the game entered Pre-Alpha. Yesterday, we received a display of the content to look forward to from Zueljin Gaming.

In the video, Zueljin and his pet dragon take their first steps into the post-apocalyptic world. Gathering Resources, fighting off mechanical foes and exploring the open world. You can have a look at the gameplay right here:

For a look at some live Content, check out our partner, SteelRain27


SteelRain is a Twitch and Nitrado Partner!

Watch SteelRain 5PM ET Saturday!!

He will be taking a look at the brand new building and survival game DARCO - Reign of Elements at 5pm ET Saturday 3/17/2018!

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Developed by TP-Studios from Dresden, Germany. Development started in May 2016, and the final stages are now within reach! DARCO: Reign of Elements hits Early Access in May 2018 with a final release planned for the 4th quarter of 2019! Nitrado Is the Official Host of DARCO. The dedicated servers will be private rentable community servers.

  • Category: Action Adventure Survival
  • Mode: Multiplayer
  • Server: PvP and PvE (official and dedicated)
  • Platform: PC (Steam)
  • Language: English

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