Dark and Light - Dev Kit Improvements and Using Mods With Your Server

An easier mod system with Nitrado and Some Dev Kit Improvements for Dark and Light

Greetings fellow adventurers! Although last weeks patch offered little fixes, this week we receive some changes to the Dev kit. The addition of the dev kit for Dark and light has introduced the ability to use mods with Dark and Light and the community has taken to it! With over 40 mods on the workshop, it is moving fast. Below we will leave instructions on how you can use these mods with Nitrado, as well as the recent changes and fixes applied to the game and dev kit.

Remember it is helpful if you post difficulties or experiences in the bug/feedback portion of the steam discussion.

Adding Mods to your Nitrado Server

The team over here at Nitrado has put together an easy way for these mods to interact with the server. With the simple addition of your Mod ID into the specified field, your server will automatically download and update modes from the DNL Workshop.  We have outlined and this process with helpful instructions over on the Official Nitrado Wiki:

A full list of the Recent changes and fixes to Dark and Light:

7/9 Update:

  • Fixed a bug where summoning pools were becoming invisible in Single Player
  • Adjusted Shapeshifting so Adventurers aren’t able to use Shapeshift Runes before unlocking them in the Knowledge tree.

Dev Kit Patch Notes:

  • Expose function, Remove Item, from PrimalinventoryComponent
  • Expose function, Add Item and Add Item EX, from PrimalinventoryComponent (note: ShowHUD is different from ARK’s counterpart)
  • Expose functions, BP Timer Servers, and BP Timer NonDedicated (note: added new properties - bUseBPTimerServer, bUseBPTimerNonDedicated, float BPTimerServerMin, float BPTimerServerMax, float
  • BPTimerNonDedicatedMin,and float BPTimerNonDedicatedMax; added new events - BPTimerNonDedicated and BPTimerServer; added new methods, EnableBPTimerServer and EnableBPTimerNonDedicated)
  • Expose function, Get Riding Dinos
  • Expose functions, BPContainerActivated and BPContainerDeactivated (note: added new property bUseBPActivated, used to determine if there is blueprint event. When true, it will trigger BPContainer Activated and
  • BPContainer Deactivated)
  • Expose function, Spawn Dino from Data
  • Expose BPWeapon Deal Damage in the Weapons Template BP actor


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