Dark and Light - Shard of Faith Details and a Developer Q&A

Some Shard of Faith DLC details and the June Q&A for Dark and Light

Greetings! This week we shed some light on the coming DLC. The Shard of Faith DLC is coming and more details arise. Sit down for a live-streamed talk to see questions answered about the coming DLC. We will leave you with some details and features for Shard of Faith. Make sure you like Dark and Light on Facebook, and follow them on Twitter. You don't want to miss out on the latest updates of adventures to come!

Check out the Shard of Faith on Steam:

Here are some features you can look forward to with the Shard of Faith DLC, including an entirely new map: Garaneth’s Shard:

  • With the cross scene and cross plane feature, it expands and supplements the larger universe of Dark and Light.
  • New races are brought in. As adventurers build up a relationship with these races, they will be able to model after the esteemed heroes amongst these races, and use their heroes’ abilities.
  • A new magical taming system allows adventurers to tame and summon creatures with magical circle.
  • Improvement on the core system, including Quest system, Knowledge system, as well as optimization and adjustment to character death drop
  • A more accessible system construct for Mod design and development.

Dark and Light June Q&A

We have left the developer Q&A below along with some screenshots of the maps to come:


Recent hotfix Notes

  • Fix an issue where server resets were making saddles disappeared on tamed creatures.
  • Fix an issue where leaving render distance will cause tames crafting items to stop, and resources to be lost.


Jun 30 2018, 05:03 am
Zachary Smith
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