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Mythical Beasts Come Alive in Day of Dragons. Order your Private Server Today

Greetings! Day of Dragons, a new and exciting MMO Survival comes to us from the developers over at Beawesome Games. Making its way to Steam Early Access, Day of Dragons offers a unique playstyle. Control the sky as a powerful dragon, or dominate the land as a devastating elemental. Enjoy this beautiful sandbox MMO on your own Nitrado server. Learn more about the game and how to order below!

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About the Game

Day of Dragons is an online creature survival sandbox game set in a large, beautiful, open world with multiple biomes. Rule the world as one of several dragon species, or unlock the secrets to playing as a giant Elemental.

Below are some of the main features to look forward to:

  • Play as Dragons and unlock other playable mythical creatures such as giant Elementals.
  • Survive! You come into the world as a hatchling and must eat, drink, survive, and grow to become an adult.
  • Huge Mega Map. The world is huge and beautiful with multiple biomes including forests, deserts, lava, swamps, grasslands, and caves.
  • Special abilities! Some dragons can fly, breath fire, spit acid, and even turn invisible!
  • Growth. Your dragon grows over time. You need to eat and drink to survive to the adult stage.
  • Movement. Dragons can fly, they can swim, they can walk, run, trot, and even sleep!
  • Fire! Dragons can breathe fire, some spit acid, some shoot plasma. Each dragon species is different and has different stats.
  • Nesting. Dragons can lay eggs which can then be hatched by players.
  • End game. The game is more than just growing and surviving.




More about Day of Dragons:

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