DayZ: Update 1.07 - Important Fixes and Exciting New Elements

New Content comes to DayZ! Update 1.07 out now

Greetings survivors! With an exciting new update, DayZ has some new content to play with on all platforms. From a new weapon to new locations on the map, update 1.07 offers a nice balance of additions and improvements.

We have put together some helpful instructions to help you with the recent administration additions to private servers. You can now directly access the XML files for manual configuration. Take a look at these helpful wiki pages to assist with your configuration:

About the update

Update 1.07 mainly focuses on some important fixes and small gameplay tweaks. You will also see the addition of the Repeater Carbine with .357 ammo, as well as some new 12 gauge rubber slugs that can be used in your shotgun of choice. For your enjoyment, four new amusement parks were scattered across Chernarus to explore. Take a look at the update trailer and some of the main highlights below!

Main Features - Update 1.07:

  • Fixed: A server crash related to inventory manipulation
  • Added: Repeater Carbine + .357 rounds
  • Added: 12ga Rubber Slugs
  • Added: Four Amusement Park Locations
  • New Server Admin Logs on console servers
  • Access to XML files on console servers

For a full list of the changes and fixes check out the latest post on the official forums:

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Feb 13, 11:04 pm
Zachary Smith
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106 Days
The usage of fixed position elements has grown in popularity and become a common element on the web.
Yes there are some bugs and they always get worked out! I am about to get another server for day Z! I highly recommend Nitrado to all of my friends and your support team is awesome by the way and we appreciate you guys fixing the issues for us on the weekends and at odd hours.
129 Days
I have a server but it will not load me in been waiting five days for this to be fixed not happy i need some help
146 Days
I paid For a sever to be Play in it But no going to have a refund and never look back at this Game
146 Days
Why can I not find any servers? After the update it says unable to get servers?
152 Days
Which data do i need to open, to set a custom start-gear?