DayZ- Update 1.13 Release and Wipe Details

Update 1.13 is here with a new rifle, infected changes, and more

Greetings Survival Fans! Update 1.13 is now available for DayZ servers. With that comes new content, fresh loot spawns, and a wipe of all official servers. While the unofficial servers will not be wiped, it is recommended to do alongside new content. With the addition of new weapons, infected types, and much more; We have gathered for you all of the important information from Update 1.13 below!

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DayZ Update: Version 1.13 Details

With all of the exciting changes and additions to DayZ with Version 1.13, there is no time to waste. Let's get right into the detail:

M16-A2 assault rifle:

Update 1.13 has been released on all platforms introducing the legendary M16-A2 assault rifle. This rifle, with its iconic 3 round burst, will help you tear apart any infected and enemy survivors that stand against you. Accepting the standard 5.56x45mm NATO ammunition, the M16-A2 is also compatible with most M4-A1 magazines. Although the customization options for the M16-A2 are very limited, they will be easier to find throughout the world than the M4-A1 rifle.

Weapon Attachments and Combat Changes:

Along with a new weapon, we also see the addition of some new weapon attachments. We will start by mentioning the new ATOG 6x48 optic. This optic, just like the smaller ATOG, is compatible with any western rifle that has a rail for attachments. This new optic comes alongside the addition of two new magazines: a 45 round magazine for KA-74 rifles, and an actual 60 round standardized magazine for 5.56x45mm rifles. (which will replace the current coupled 30 round magazine.)

The way the unconscious state works during firearm combat has changed. The length in which you are incapacitated now depends on the caliber that was used to knock you down. There were also a number of changes made to player hitboxes, reducing the chance of unfortunate events, such as, falling unconscious and then breaking a leg.  The changes to the incapacitated state come with some changes to the protection players wear too. The strength of police and plate carrier vests has been reduced, and the plate carrier vest is itself is also less durable. The change is extended to all ballistic vests, vests will also have a much higher repair kit consumption rate.

Infected Changes:

Update 1.13 comes with some new infected types, changes to the infected, and how player wounds react when untreated. One of the biggest changes that can be noticed is that infected more distinct in their abilities. This is achieved by adding new types of infected and scaling the infected difficulty with the player's overall progress throughout the world. While exploring the world and trying to survive, be careful to not run into one of the new Heavy soldiers, Military Officers, Runners, or Heavy policemen.

With the introduction of the chance for wounds to get infected, things get a lot more dangerous and that means you need to be prepared. If a wound gets infected, the infection will spread over two different stages. The first stage can be treated by simply disinfecting the wound. While the second stage is more unforgiving and will need to be treated with antibiotics. The second stage also includes a new fever condition, which is triggered if the player catches influenza.


These changes and more can be found in the full PC/Console changelog linked below. Let's take a look at some of the main additions featured with Update 1.13:

Main additions featured:

  • M16-A2 rifle
  • Burst-fire mode
  • ATOG 6x Scope
  • 45 round KA-74 magazine
  • 60 round standardized magazine
  • Wound treated by unclean rags can get infected
  • The "Disinfected" state is now highlighted in the item tooltip
  • Added sounds when the character is starving
  • Fever symptom added to influenza
  • Added radial blur to the hit effect
  • Iodine Tincture
  • Crude Machete
  • Oriental Machete
  • No-Pause options
  • Infected are now attracted by Smoke grenades, flaregun flares and fireplaces during night time
  • New special infected types (Heavy soldier, Military Officer, Runner, and Heavy police)

More info - Update 1.13 Changelog: PC: DayZ Update 1.13 - Console: DayZ Update 1.13

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