DayZ - Update 1.15

Multiple new server-side gameplay settings!

Greetings survivors! Join us for a look at all the details of DayZ's Update 1.15.

The update includes many changes and additions like the new server-side gameplay settings, the addition of onscreen directional hit effects, the balancing of the player character’s stomach, water, and energy storage, a new female character, some new toys to be found in the world, and even more.

Continue reading for all the details.

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Become a weather god

As mentioned above, one of the update's main additions is the new server-side gameplay settings. They provide a way for server admins to tweak the game's behavior by simply modifying files within the mission folder instead of having to rely on mods for this.

These settings now include control over the following systems:

  • Weather behavior through various parameters in cfgWeather.xml
  • Several gameplay elements in cfgGameplay.json
  • Placing and construction restrictions in base-building in cfgGameplay.json
  • Support for overriding other gameplay parameters, currently stored within the server config (to simplify the approach)

Where am I being shot from!?

The addition of onscreen directional hit effects will greatly help you locate the direction from which you are getting hit. They accompany the already present red vignette.

A kingdom for a snack

Another thing Update 1.15 does is balance the player character's stomach, water, and energy storage.

The primary goal is to decrease the strength of a character's water and energy reserves, which had previously allowed players to stay alive for hours without the need for food or drink.

What else is new?

There are also a lot of minor changes that improve the overall experience. For example, fire mode switching now has audio feedback, the head torch can now be equipped with most headgear, and most of the small bushes now yield long sticks after being cut down.

Additionally, you can fight for survival as the new female character, and there are some new toys to be found in the world as well. Take a look at the picture below for a hint.

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