DayZ Update - Introducing 1.17

DayZ Updates to 1.17

dayz update 1.17 out now

Get ready for more battles with the undead as DayZ brings the newest update, version 1.17! New weapons have arrived to help you fight the hoards, like the Longhorn pistol and Pitchfork! As you grab your gear, some very useful new survival features such as replaceable gas mask filters and crafting of improvised gear will help you too!

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Take a run from the zombies as we explore the newest 1.17 update below! ⬇️

Ready Up with the Newest Weapons

When fighting any zombie hoard, it’s important to have your favorite weapons to take into battle. 1.17 adds a bunch of undead slaying tools for any zombie situation, no matter how scary they get!

new weapons added to dayz

New weapons include:

  • CR-550 Savanna Rifle
  • Longhorn Pistol
  • P1 Pistol
  • Craftable Spear
  • Craftable Bone Knife
  • Pitchfork
  • Cleaver
  • Meat Tenderizer

Which weapon will you use to survive?

Changes To Your Items

dayz weapons in 1.17

A host of items have been given some undead love in this update to prepare you for this zombie nightmare. Ready your crafting benches and repair kits for:

  • New improvised clothes from rags to gas mask filters items
  • New craftable Fireplace stand
  • Cookware and gas mask filters will become damaged while in use
  • Gas mask filters can be refilled with charcoal tablets
  • Keep your brooms safe! Brooms can now be lit on fire and used as a torch

Discover New Features

Playing DayZ is about to become even better, as feature improvements have been made to help you survive, defend, and take back the world!

  • Improved sensitivity settings for camera and aiming
  • Voice activating setting for VOIP
  • Added the ability to perform multiple actions repeatedly on an item

You can take advantage of these options when editing your DayZ settings while playing on a server.

Livonia and Chernarus See New Areas

A new point of interest has arrived in Livonia! Wonder towards the eastern edge of Livonia and there you will find a newly added castle. Secrets are surely behind the walls of this large building.

Chernarus, a small quaint village, has been re-worked entirely with a brand new look! There is plenty to explore in the new houses and buildings you will discover there.

the latest dayz update is here

Prepare your zombie slaying gear and see what’s in store in these areas!

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