A Quality of Life Don't Starve Together Update!

Don’t Starve Together Update!

Don’t Starve Together, a game of cute horrors and extreme monster fights for survival, has endless opportunities for fun and madness! The latest March Quality of Life update for Don’t Starve Together has arrived, ensuring that your Don’t Starve Together server will include even more fun for you and your friends with massive improvements to the crafting menu, buffs to Wolfgang, and modifications to creatures and items, all of which are just some of the exciting adjustments to be seen. Take a walk with us, as we cover the additions and changes from the March Quality of Life update for your Don’t Starve Together Game Server!

Crafting Menu

Entering the update, the first exciting change features an update to the crafting UI in Don’t Starve Together. The crafting UI has moved from recipes being organized in specific tabs to a better filter approach, where you can now specifically search for items, weapons, armor and more to craft!

Along with the crafting UI improvements, you will now be able to craft within chests and numerous crafting recipes have been updated, helping to make it easier to craft certain items such as cobblestones! Those recipes can now also be both pinned and favorited to ensure you can craft those items you need most often, quickly and efficiently.

Wolfgang Improvements

Wolfgang is an unlockable playable character in the Don’t Starve Together universe and, featuring extreme might and physical stats, a number of changes have been made to Wolfgang to bulk him up even further!

Wolfgang will now gain mightiness while performing physical activities, including mining and chopping wood. Wolfgang’s strong-arm tool, the dumbbell, has also been upgraded with better efficiency, durability, and ingredient cost. Dumbbells will even stop Wolfgang’s mighty meter from dropping when equipped!

Try Wolfgang with your friends on your very own Don’t Starve Together Server!

More Updates

Cloud Saving for Don’t Starve Together Servers

Don’t Starve Together server owners will now have even more control over how their server saves. By default, Don’t Starve Together will save your data to your local computer files. You can now change to “Steam Cloud Save” in the “Server Settings” in-game while playing on your server. Changing to “Steam Cloud Save” gives the advantage of always being able to access your game data on any device with Steam installed, as long as it is connected online!

Creature Additions and Improvements

  • Ancient Guardian | The Ancient Guardian has seen a change to the boss battle, lowering the difficulty and ensuring a more fun experience while fighting this dangerous foe! The loot for this boss is also better reflective of the biome this boss is located within.

  • Deerclops | The attack area range has now better reflects the attack animation.

  • Hound waves and Depths worm waves | These now have a reduced frequency after the first year.
    • Additionally, late hound waves now replace 5 hounds with a “Varglet”, the smaller cousin to the “Varg”.

New Item Skin Collection and Drops

Joining your adventure to avoid starvation are 12 gothic and glorious new skins, attachable to your favorite items, sure to add a touch of glamor to your Don’t Starve Together server! 

Obtainable as drops in-game and as weaveable items using spool, these gothic skins are also featured within the “Gothic Belongings Chest” as an in-game purchasable item!

Those are not the only new skins as another new skin, “The Serpentine Storm Eater” for the Lightning Conductor, has also been added as a Twitch.TV stream drop for the Nautical Collection! You can see more of these drops and a list of participating streamers here!

Bug Fixes

Don’t Starve Together has also seen several bug fixes to ensure the game runs flawlessly as you survive together! 

  • The game was crashing rarely when paused. This will no longer occur!
  • Beeboxes would not grow honey if unloaded in the winter and they will now properly grow honey.
  • Farm Soil will now allow Toadstool to spawn Sporecaps without any issues.
  • An animation has been implemented for when a Bird Cage is destroyed.

Final Notes

The latest March Quality of Life update is jam-packed with content that is a gamer change, with many improvements, creature changes, and more as you delve and survive with friends on your Don’t Starve Together server. What will you and your friends explore first?

Explore with your friends and on your very own Don’t Starve Together Server!


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