ECO: Global Survival - 7.4.7 Change log and The Mechinist Table

ECO: Global Survival - 7.4.7 Change log and The upcoming Mechinist Table

Greetings ECO fans! Were back with another change log for your favorite global simulator. This week we received a first look at a new tool coming to ECO. We also got highlight of a house the developers came across in their tour of the Ecostasia server. Take a look at the videos left below!

Did you know that ECO recently received the first iteration of vehicles? This was discussed in ECO Report #5. We suggest the article for details on the first stage of the vehicle updates:

The Machinist Table

The Electric Machinist Table will be an industrial electrical upgrade to the mechanic tools. This object will replace what is currently known as the machine shop. The video below features the coming  upgrade:

World Tour: Ecostasia

When touring the world of Ecostasia the developers were awestruck by this unique modern-esque type build. They made this video to show you this build. Check out house in unique detail below:

Change log

A full list of the changes and fixes with the 7.4.7 hotfix:

June 13  7.4.7 hotfix:

  • Fixed minimap markers
  • Connecting to a server by ip address now also adds it to your recent servers list in the Join screen.
  • Saved servers (eg. recents, favorites) now also save ip address and port. This means that favorites will have a good chance of connecting, even when the master server is inaccessible.
  • On the Join screen, increased how many servers are processed per frame from 1 to 5.
  • Fixed an issue where placing a vehicle didn't set you as the owner.
  • Fixed an issue where you could not pick up vehicles on someone else's property.
  • Fixed non-LAN servers appearing in the LAN section on the Join screen
  • Fixed the 'Owned by' indicator in object windows - It will again say 'Unowned' if unowned, instead of 'Owned by .'
  • Fixed signs displaying run-off text
  • Fixed the text editing box for signs to show markup tags instead of previewing with them, and now it allows multi-line editing.


Jun 15 2018, 04:52 am
Zachary Smith
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