ECO: Global Survival - New content finds its way with update 7.5.0

ECO: Global Survival - Update 7.5.0 brings elevators, New vehicles and more

Greetings ECO Fans! Quite a few things make their way into this version of the game. The new tools and machines prepared should help you along with moving resources, building, and overall global survival. Let's take a look at some of the important additions made with this update.


As previously showcased, the Elevator makes its way into ECO with this recent update. You will be able to use the Elevator for transporting materials and carts vertically!


Cranes have been added as well! You will now be able to use the crane to build large walls. This can be done with just one click by targeting the corners with the claw:

Assembly Line

The assembly line made its way into version 7.5.0 as well. The new machine is where the first machines, from parts made in the Machine Shop, will be assembled. The assembly line will also be used to hold extra recipes. Check out some of the concept art below:

You can see the update in more detail over on the developer changelog. Here is a full list of the additions and fixes:

Additions 7.5.0:

  • Added Elevator for transporting materials and carts vertically!
  • Added stone, hewn log, and lumber door recipes.
  • Added wooden standing light, wooden table light, and wooden ceiling light
  • Added the Assembly Line!
  • Added cranes! Players can use the crane to build large walls in one click by targeting the corners with the claw.
  • Added a modular attachment system for vehicles
  • Added the Steam Truck!
  • Added the plough, harvester, and sowing attachments for the steam tractor

Improvements 7.5.0:

  • Players now have more realistic physics
  • Players can push rubble, trunks, and respond more realistically to other physics object movement
  • Stockpiles can now store any item, not just blocks.
  • Vehicles with tools can now give/take from other vehicles, stockpiles & objects with inventories
  • Vehicles with tools now have placement previews
  • World object names can now have color tags
  • Improvements to some display on chat commands
  • Passing ‘?’ as any parameter in a command will now show help for it
  • Property now has a tooltip and can be linked in chat
  • In the server browser detail panel, it will show a dash instead of 0 when ping fails
  • Item tooltips show relevant store listings again
  • World objects now have a default inherited auth-mode
  • Can now compile the game when your OS uses other language besides English
  • Economy Viewer changes:
    • Much, much faster to open and use
    • ‘For Sale’ and ‘Wanted’ are no longer separated, now both are displayed together under ‘trades’. This makes it easier to find things you can buy and sell and compare prices.
    • Trades now list items by category
  • Web map can now support over 256 block types
  • Improved wording of law actions that required units. Instead of "Play (hours) actions", laws will now say "Play hours". ("Play (hours) actions where performed by you" becomes "Your Play hours")

Hotfix 7.5.1:

  • Fixed some block visuals behaving strangely in moving stockpiles
  • Fixed truck physics glitches
  • Fixed various vehicle sounds
  • Fixed Eco.Mods.dll loading bug
  • Misc Fixes


Jun 29 2018, 05:13 am
Zachary Smith
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