Empyrion Alpha 5.0 is here

Just in time for Christmas, Empyrion's Alpha 5.0 patch has been released. We're taking a look at it here!

Empyrion Galactic Survival, one of this year's great survival games, is still in the Alpha phase of development. This means constant updates and changes to the game, and Eleon has been hard at work to provide us with some wonderful new additions just in time for Christmas.

With the new 5.0 update, we see some large changes to character customization as well as improved face textures. Eleon has also opted in for some additional armor styles. On top of the character customizations, we are also seeing some upgrades to the mining system in the game with the addition of some new drilling heads and a new HUD group called "Harvest". Faction alliances are here as well, coupled with some options surrounding friendly fire in these situations.

Eleon has also brought some changes to the multitool. A new radial menu has been introduced, providing some clearer choices when using the tool.

Empyrion Galactic Survival

The trading platform in Empyrion is also receiving some love. You can no longer sell or accept purchased items from anywhere, and the number of items you can trade with simultaneously has been increased to 30. Space is also going to be a bit more populated, thanks to AI controlled freighters, which are going to be protected by drones. Tribal villages have also received some attention to better reflect the environment they belong to.


For those who have been seeking a greater challenge, seek no more. A new starting planet with difficulty 'hard' has been introduced: Masperon. This alien planet is yours to explore and make yours. We are also getting holographic shaders for block placement. All of this and many improvements and changes are yours to take advantage of now. Check out the Official Homepage for the full list of changes and additions. Eleon also still requests that any bugs, new or old, be sent to them here.

Are there any particular changes you are excited about seeing? What new additions and improvements would you suggest? Leave a comment below and let us know!

Dec 22 2016, 02:37 am
Matthew Wiebke
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