Empyrion - Galactic Survival: Alpha 8 Development Update

Empyrion - Alpha 8 Development Update Number Three

Greetings fellow Survivalists! The developers are hard at work on the Alpha 8.0 main topic "larger planets" and the finish line is already visible. Unfortunately, it still may take some time before we see the experimental version of this.

The Suit Constructor, Sleeping Limitations, and more were discussed in this weeks development update. For details, check out the full Q and A in the Alpha 8 Development update.

Empyrion -- Galactic Survival

Food Templates and Ingredients

In a previous blog, it was mention that we would receive word on the food templates and ingredients and how they would be handled. Here is a word from this weeks post explaining how the plants are currently handled:

Right now, each and every plant is dropping exactly ONE specific item. Tomato drops Tomato, Pumpkin drops Pumpkin, Wheat drops Wheat, Corn drops Corn, Wormplant drops Alien Honey..you get the point. Same is true for the harvestable-only plants. If we want a playfield to offer a certain ingredient, we would always need to place the plant, which leads to the appearance of the same plants on different planets..or the unavailability of certain meals.

This system, of course, calls for change and that is where the change happens to open up to other possibilities:

Instead of dropping unique items like Pumpkin, Tomato and so on, this plant-group now drops "Vegetables". Pearthing and Space Oranges are now dropped as Fruit. The templates will then ask for Vegetables and not specifically for Tomato or Pumpkin anymore.

Alien plants like Bulbshroom or the EggPlant now also can drop Vegetables. For you farmers out there, this can present new possibilities. You can now expect a larger range of plants that will provide you with the needed ingredients. The system will need some work. The drop amount and growing time will need to be balanced.  There will be more information coming in one of the next dev blogs.


The ART  team has some things to look at for you. Here is a look at the new art developments that have been being worked on:

Commander Chair:

Fallen logs for swamp biome:

New Alien plant:

New sentry gun (WIP):

New railings/catwalks (WIP):


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