Empyrion: Galactic Survival - Alpha 8 Released! Recent changes for Alpha 8.0-8.0.2

Empyrion - Alpha 8.0.1 and 8.0.2 changelog, Build 1710 through Build 1721

Greetings Survivalists! Alpha 8 came to us earlier this week and, man, what an improvement. Alpha 8 for Empyrion offers more diverse biomes with realistic distribution based on humidity and temperature. Larger planets are here and playfields received some love too. Playfields can now be 64x bigger than playfields in Alpha 7, super cool! You will also notice some improvements to the generation of the solar system and the return of procedural terrain generation as well. If you are interested in the details for Alpha 8 and whats new, see this link left below:

Remember that bug reporting is a big part in improving Empyrion! Here are some healful threads where you can submit your bug reports:

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A full list of Alpha 8.0.1 and 8.0.2 changelog, Build 1710 through Build 1721:


  • Custom Config.ecf file is now versioned. Alpha 8 will ignore unversioned files and reports this to the player
    Important: Please add "VERSION: 1" to your Config.ecf if you want to activate it in A8 (see Config_Example.ecf)
  • Detector now shows up in Control Panel
  • Improved performance for transition planet > orbit
  • Set default color of more devices to grey (growing pot, CV + SV mounted weapons etc)
  • Slight adjustment to moon distances/scale in sector map to prevent bad visual in map.
  • Added Survival Tool directly to start equipment + updated PDA to take into account that Survival Tool is now part of the starting equipment (note: the survival tool is still craftable in survival constructor)
  • Remember suit light status when leaving cockpit
  • Tweaked camera shake: removed movement of camera and removed rotation around z axis
  • Temporarily disabled asteroid fields in the orbit map
  • Changed "PresetStyle" of drone waves so that drones attack immediately
  • Reduced render distance of grass
  • Updated description for Akua-Omicron to make clear that it is also available in Creative mode
  • Updated dedicated.yaml: disabled "TimeoutBootingPfServer" for now

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed: Severe MP exploit
  • Fixed: Error on startup when using a custom Config.ecf from Alpha 7.6 (now this Config.ecf will be ignored)
  • Fixed: System.IO.IOException: "Sharing violation on path..." on playfield server when two playfield server tried to generate the same playfield
  • Fixed: Time difference on either side of where the greenwall used to be.
  • Fixed: Exception when clicking a sector in the sector map while holding alt-button.
  • Fixed: Problem with ghost asteroids in space playfields
  • Fixed: Localization issue with French, Russian and other languages
  • Fixed: Texture artifacts on railing blocks (removed weathering effects)
  • Fixed: Several internal exceptions reported on support email and found in logs
  • Fixed: Internal exception - support email: Build 1708 #94B38- Fixed: Exception when loading savegames older than A8
  • Fixed: Problem that sometimes backpack was empty
  • Fixed: Problem that docked SV or HV vanished if the structure (CV or BA) at which vessel is docked was completely disassembled or the core of the structure destroyed
  • Fixed: Exception when using teleporter (only when using French language): Support email - Build 1710 #E0A6C
  • Fixed: Disassembling SV\HV open cockpits did not give back any resources
  • Fixed: Player list sometimes appearing blank in MP
  • Fixed: Problem that grass was rendered twice and thus generated too much polygons
  • Fixed: Problem that entry motion sensor was deactivated in Unknown Artifact POI and thus did not trigger
  • Fixed: Shadow of Starlight Scenario: Task on Veldis "Chapter 3, The Agent" (Village of the Elders) could not be triggered due to deactivated motion sensor (thanks for report)
  • Fixed: Problem that there was often only 1 single drone in a drone base attack wave
  • Fixed: More localization errors that could lead to exceptions
  • Fixed: Warning in logs "Spawner cannot spawn entity 'TurretRobotNew'"
  • Fixed: Exception "The terrain file X is not found neither as DLL nor as XML"
  • Fixed: Several internal exceptions reported on support email and found in logs
  • Fixed: Problem that Blueprints in BP Factory were lost after Server update (after build number increase) - MP only
  • Fixed: Problem that PDA log was deleted after Server update (after build number increase) - MP only
  • Fixed: Exception when leaving start sector in Akua-Omicron scenario
  • Fixed: Problem that Akua-Omicron Scenario and Legacy savegames were not working at the same time
  • Temporarily deactivated "ScreenSpaceReflection" post-processing effect to improve performance
  • Further optimized terrain shader
  • Fixed: Exception on Playfield Server that could block a playfield


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