Empyrion Galactic Survival - Alpha EXPERIMENTAL Update Highlights!

Empyrion Galactic Survival - Changes, Weapon Balancing, and more!

Greetings Survivors! This week the experimental version receives a nice update. Awaiting Alpha 8, Empyrion Experimental Alpha 7 gets quite a bit of love! There has been some major Weapon Balancing, as well as loot updates along with the general update and fixes. The developers would like your feedback on these changes. We have left links to the feedback threads in the full list of changes below.

Not only can we expect some weapon balancing, but the Solar panels receive a lot of changes too. Here are the Solar Panel updates. There are many fixes here. The developers would like you to please help them in testing the following:

  • Add / remove solar panels.
  • Spawn blue prints with solar panels.
  • Go from orbit to planet when there are solar panels on the planet
  • Does LED feedback work correctly on solar panels.
  • Are the stats of the control panels approximately correct.
  • Does the solar panel placement limit work and is the warning message correct when reaching this limit

Be sure to always report the bugs and issues here. We have left a full list of the changes and fixes made below, thanks for reading!

Empyrion 7.0 Vorschau

A full list of changes and fixes:


  • Added possibility to set a separate Range and Speed for weapons ins space in Config.ecf: "SpeedSpace" and "RangeSpace"
  • Important: since we now dynamically set the correct range, you must set "display: false" for Range and RangeSpace > see our Example_Config.ecf (for all Item Ids, we will do the same for all Block Ids soon)
  • Survival Constructor now has automatic crafting capabilities as other constructors
  • Added console cmd: "uresource destroyall" in case there are problems with underground resources
  • Added alternative version for Masperon Moon (NewAlien2_V2)
  • Scenario Shadow of Starlight: removed random resources and added back fixed resources on Kayam Planet
  • SP default Scenario Mission update: Some text adjustments in Robinson Protocol


  • Drones: Added loot items that are more appropriate to the drones weapon class and design
  • Added specific loot to TroopTransport
  • Adjusted drop chances of various loot items
  • Golems: removed common ores; increased drop chance of rare ores and special items

Major Weapon Balancing: FEEDBACK THREAD

  • Set a dedicated PLANET range for all devices (this range is influenced by the atmospheric density as usual)
  • Set a dedicated SPACE range for all devices
  • Significantly increased SPACE range for all devices
  • Slightly decreased PLANET range for some devices (Especially for now stronger Minigun and Cannon)
  • Removed explosion damage from all Laser weapons
  • Increased DAMAGE for all devices (up to 30%)
  • Significantly increased DAMAGE for Minigun and CANNON but reduced Rate-o-Fire in the same scale (so the DPS are similar to the before state)
  • Set a dedicated PLANET and SPACE Speed for all devices
  • Increased PROJECTILE SPEED for all devices

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed: Solar panels (many tickets resolved)
  • Fixed: Solar battery drained after Day/Night Cycle in Space.
  • Fixed: 'FixedResources' when setup don't have any SSOR's.
  • Fixed: Exploit: Players can approach POI's & drones with a ready to spawn BP out which stops turrets & drones firing.
  • Fixed: Symmetry plane location needs to be reset after setting it to none & unchecking the Symmetry checkbox.
  • Fixed: Symmetry plane location needs to be reset after using selection area.
  • Fixed: Warning in log "ManagerShipFighter Write unknown task"
  • Fixed: Exception after placing a motion sensor after removing a light barrier
  • Fixed: Problems with descriptions of some biomes and orbit names




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