Farming Simulator 17 - New DLC Packs Arrive

Giants Extends Farming Simulator with more vehicles and equipment - the ROPA Pack is available today

Farming Simulator 17 just got bigger, and a little better. Players will now be able to maintain their farms with a new vehicle Brand - ROPA. The ROPA DLC comes with new impressive vehicles and equipment that will help you expand your farm to a whole new level!

Official add-on 2

Starting today, the "Official Add-On 2" DVD box is now available for PC. In addition to the ROPA DLC, the box contains the Big Bud Pack and the KUHN Pack. All in all, this DVD box contains 38 new vehicles and devices, as well as 10 new brands. In addition, to the box is a "behind the scenes" video.

There is something for modders and friends those who want to become one!

"Farming Simulator Modding for Dummies" and "The Art Of Modding"

ROPA DLC Content

The ROPA DLC contains the Tiger 6 XL, RR-XL 9x45, Transport Trailer, Maus 5, NawaRo Maus & Keiler 2. This DLC is available today for download on Playstation 4, Xbox One and PC. These six new vehicles come to Farming Simulator and add to its long list of famous farming constructors. You can grab the DLC here for a low price of  7.99. USD! Take a look at the new vehicles below:

Harvesters and Equipment



Mar 13 2018, 08:38 pm
Zachary Smith
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