Farming Simulator 2017 - KUHN DLC Update Available Now!

Farming Simulator 2017 has received an update for its KUHN DLC and is available now!

This should be something of interest for all of you virtual farmers out there. It's a small but meaningful update to the KUHN pack. If you already have the DLC, you can download the update via the Official Website. If you've got the game through Steam, the client should have already updated your game.

Although there is no new content in this update, bug fixes are sure to improve your experience.

The following changes and improvements await you in KUHN Update V1.1.0.0:

KUHN Pack v1.1.0.0 Changelog:
• Added: KUHN GMC 4411 warning sign under beacon
• Fixed: Bales will not change color after a restart anymore.
• Fixed: KUHN Axis fillPlane on consoles works now
• Fixed: KUHN Espro support won‘t fold after savegame restart.
• Fixed: KUHN FBP tool working width adjusted to 3 meters
• Fixed: KUHN FBP sound will stop when you leave the machine
• Fixed: KUHN Metris set of tires will work with 4Real Module 1 now
• Fixed: KUHN Metris price adjusted
• Fixed: KUHN Planter overlapping when operated by helpers has been fixed
• Fixed: KUHN Planter will not destroy sugar beets after the seeding anymore
• Fixed: KUHN TF Front tank filling sound fixed
• Fixed: KUHN TF Front tank helper mode functions fixed
• Tweaked: The workArea of several tools has been adjusted

Do any of these fixes improve your experience with FS17? What else should they take a look at? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: Giants Software Forum

Apr 20 2017, 03:42 am
Matthew Wiebke
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