Farming Simulator 22: Get the best server performance possible with Nitrado

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Greetings, farmers! We have some amazing news for you:

As the official server partner, Nitrado provides the central infrastructure for Farming Simulator 22 in our datacenters worldwide. Therefore, your Nitrado FS22 game server will provide you with the lowest ping and the best gaming experience on the market!

And to top this off, Farming Simulator 22 will feature cross-platform multiplayer! No matter what system you use, now you can play with all of your friends regardless of their preferred platform.

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Crossplay FAQ: What you should know

Which platforms are supported?

From November 22nd onward, you will be able to play together with all of your friends! Farming Simulator 22 crossplay is supported on PC, Mac, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and Stadia.

How many people can play together?

When playing on a dedicated server, up to 16 players are possible, regardless of the players' systems.

Can console players rent and host servers?

Yes. Both console and PC players can rent and host their own servers.

Can I deactivate crossplay?

You can prevent players on other platforms from joining your server. And if you're playing on PlayStation and Xbox consoles, you can disable it in the system user preferences.

Is cross-saving possible?

Farm progression is not saved for everyone, as only the host is saving the progress.

How will DLCs & mods affect crossplay?

All players need to have the same DLCs or mods installed as the server host, or they won't be able to join the server. Console players can only join servers with mods that are available through the official ModHub on consoles.

How does voice chat/text chat work?

Farming Simulator 22 supports cross-platform voice and text chat. Text chat input is only possible on PC. Console players can only read the text chat.

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Get the best Farming Simulator 22 server performance possible with Nitrado!


Joint farming: Uniting PC and consoles

With crossplay, cooperative farming will now be more fun than ever! Please take a look at our previous Farming Simulator 22 news article to see all the possibilities you and your friends can look forward to.

In other news: The latest fashion

Get ready to put on shiny rubber boots, some cool glasses, and a glorious mustache. With Farming Simulator 22 you'll be able to tend to your farm in your unique style.

Production chains: All the products, production plants, and connections

In Farming Simulator 22, there will be new ways to generate income. The production chains allow you to grow your farming operations and become a farming mogul.

There is a total number of 13 different production plants you can not only supply with your goods but buy, own, and place on your land, too. From flour to clothes - go and get the local business running!

Changes to the seasonal length

When seasonal cycles got first announced for Farming Simulator 22, a virtual year was supposed to consist of twelve real-world days (a day for each month of the year). Because this duration didn't appeal as expected to you seasoned farmers out there. The developers took the seasonal length back to the drawing board.

Long story short: There will be longer seasons. You can increase the length of a month to up to 28 days. Yes, each MONTH can consist of 28 days. Changes take effect after the current season is completed.

Changes to the graphics

Developing a complex game like Farming Simulator 22 takes its time. Meaning, the graphics will still evolve from showing the first screenshot and trailer to the full release.

Here's what's been happening: The level of detail to foliage was improved. This guarantee's a more beautiful transition between colors. The Screen Space Ambient Occlusion (SSAO) has got fine-tuned to create nature-like shadows that result in more natural-looking surroundings. The color gradient has gotten modified to achieve a more realistic and atmospheric feel.

Long story short: Improved various graphical aspects, looks nice.

Better sorghum

Sorghum is becoming a more important crop in warm climates. It is a predestined crop to sow on the US-Midwestern map, Elmcreek. Of course, the more Mediterranean-inspired map Haut-Beyleron also benefits from having sorghum available to grow.

Long straw cut short: Only the top of the fruit gets cut off when harvesting, now.

Farm Animals & Wildlife

Animals are back in FS22! And they are more crucial and cuter than ever!

The FS22 developers gave us 10 reasons why animals cannot be missing on your farm:

  1. They make your farm more lively.
  2. They diversify your farming experience.
  3. They generate additional income in various ways.
  4. They give you something to do during winter.
  5. They produce resources for production chains, like eggs.
  6. They provide organic waste for manure - a cheap, organic fertilizer.
  7. They allow you to discover the land by riding horses.
  8. They can increase the yield of your crops.
  9. They give you a reason to put on a beekeeper outfit, yay!
  10. They are cute and fluffy - especially sheep!

Take a look at the images below to fall in love with them as much as we did!


For all of the machine enthusiasts, there are new and improved vehicles and tools! More than 400 of them will be available in the base game!

Not excited enough? Take a look at the trailer below:

Rest assured that you won't be disappointed with these new and more authentic than ever machines and tools.

As always, the developers took great care and cooperated closely with the respective manufacturers to make the machines and tools as authentic as possible - up to the last bolt of each machine.

Did you miss the Farming Simulator Podcast with Nitrado CEO Marcel Bößendörfer as a special guest?

"Crossplay is fantastic news and finally allows console players to enjoy dedicated servers, too. Gamers waited a long time for this. We're very excited and proud to be involved right at launch to support this new way to experience the game."

-Marcel Bößendörfer

Farming is more than a job, it’s a calling.

Enjoy the best farming experience on the market with a Game Server!

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