Fear the Wolves - Now Available on Early Access

Fear the Wolves of Chernobyl! Fight to Survive

Greetings! Fear the Wolves, a competitive Battle Royale FPS by Vostok Games releases on Steam Early Access today, August 28. Console versions and a full PC release are expected in 2019. Nitrado will be providing the official servers for a stable gaming experience. After an additional six weeks of testing in closed beta weekends, with server stability, game performance, and balance now refined, it’s time for Fear the Wolves to make its way to your Steam Library. Discover the striking atmosphere of this post-apocalyptic Battle Royale with the first Fear The Wolves E3 Trailer:

What is Fear the Wolves?

Fear the Wolves is a 100 player battle royale experience that supports solo and squad modes. Wolf packs stalk players and are a deadly threat, while anomalies from the disaster must also be avoided to survive. As a match continues, morning will turn to noon and finally dusk as you make your extraction. The weather of Chernobyl is constantly changing – you’ll face clear days, harsh winds, thunderous storms, and more, all voted for by the players spectating a match. Radiation infects the battlefield at random, spreading unevenly, and offering different threats depending on intensity. Escape each map in a dramatic finale as you fight the other last players standing to extract via helicopter

  • 20+ guns
  • 25+ attachments
  • 15+ armors
  • Air drops
  • Consumables
  • 25km2 map
  • Dilapidated but functional jeeps
  • Dead players can continue to spectate a match and vote for weather.

Pick Fear The Wolves up on Steam Today for $19.99!

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