The First Change Log: May 2018

May 2018 Change Log for

Greetings! Welcome to the first Nitrado change log. Here, we will outline the important fixes and changes that have been made to Nitrado recently. With the goal of keeping you in the loop about how the team here at Nitrado is making efforts to improve, we have compiled a list of the changes and improvements made this month.

This month, the team at Nitrado has added, tweaked, and improved many features. The ordering process for selecting your game has changed as well as the behavior for stoping/restarting your server. More information regarding the improvements and changes this month can be found in a list below! Let's take a quick look at some of the important features this month.

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New Process for Ordering Games

A new process has been implemented when ordering a new game. You will now be given the option to select the game first. There will also be the option to simply choose your game later. You can find the new page by attempting to order a service or by clicking the link below:

New behavior for 'start/stop/restart' buttons

The restart feature got a complete refactoring this month. Some game servers need specific settings to startup properly. These settings will be enforced now to make sure the game server can start in a 'sane' manner. So, If you forgot to set that GSLT token, you will be reminded for that on a server start. This also prevents you from common misconfiguration and simple mistakes. No more googling cryptic error messages, yay! If we missed some settings, or you have a suggestion, let us know in the comments below.

If your game server takes too long to start or stop, you can force a start or stop with the new white buttons, which will appear after a certain time. Sometimes, a game server is stuck in an infinite loop because of difficulties with the configuration or other complications that may hinder a server start. With these buttons, you have the needed enforcement to control the server.

More Games to Host with Nitrado!

New Games added to the Nitrado Cloud. Check out what is new so far this Year:

Full Change Log

A full list of the changes and fixes made this Month:


  • The Dutch version of now shows the English news articles
  • A bug has been fixed that prevented users to purchase servers through our landing pages if they used Edge or Safari.
  • New order process for selecting your game when renting a service:
  • New Domain ordering system
  • Updated our Privacy Policy as a referral to GDPR
  • New Nitrado Business page:

Web Interface/Services:

  • The restart feature got a complete refactoring and the possibility to add options depending on a given “state” (sounds very meta, because it is very flexible) Here are two examples:
    • CS:GO can only be started correctly if there is a GSLT Token set. This option is forced to set before the user can (re)start the server. If the token is already set, this option is not shown.
    • A Minecraft server is very insecure if the online mode is set to false. Same goes for the RCON feature without a password. If these options are set to an insecure state, it will present to the user on restart. These options are not forced, because there are valid reasons to set it to that state.
  • If a server is started, the start button is hidden and the stop/restart buttons are shown:
    • There might be cases when the current status of the game server is wrong (stuck in restarting etc.) In that case, two new (white) buttons appear after a given time, or if the user reloads the page.
    • This is a fallback to make sure the user can start and stop the game server, even if our internal backend is out of sync or stuck
  • Can now use TS3MusikBot with a Discord server:
  • Fixed www subdomains so that "www" also is available via https when using let's encrypt for Webspaces
  • Added an easy way to change Seed on your PixARK Game server:

Small Game Improvements:

  • sevendtd- Display the current game time and date in the dashboard (Nice for debugging purpose)
  • mta-  Config file edit screen got a UI overhaul. (also fixes saving large files)
  • gmod- The steamWebApiKey is now forced on restart if collection id is set
  • pixark- Added the restart countdown option
  • ts3mb- Dashboard graphs fixed
  • factorio- All settings are translated correctly now
  • arkse- Always show the correct password in the dashboard
  • arma3- epoch update 1.2 available
  • empyrion- Rewrite of the whole YAML parser/setting handling. Should be bulletproof now.
  • … and a lot of small edge cases fixed

New WIKI Pages:


Enjoy your favorite games, best played on your own Game server!

Rent your Own Game Server with Nitrado Today!!

May 31 2018, 11:23 pm
Zachary Smith
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