Fractured Lands is Here! Join the Mayhem on Early Access Now

Fractured Lands - Racing into Early Access

Greetings! Warrior of the wasteland start your Engines and get ready for mayhem, Fractured Lands is now available on Steam Early Access!

Release Update!

Curious about the release version and whats changes? Check out some of these main features highlighting whats different with the official release:

  • Optimization Improvements!
  • New Vehicle, the Razorback!
  • New Attachments, Vehicle Weapons!
  • New Vanity Customization for both Character and Vehicle!
  • Environment improvements galore!
  • First Season Arena FREE!
  • And tons of bug fixes!

For more information on the Early Access release patch, check out the game updates for Steam Early Access.

If you experience any difficulties along the way be sure to leave your feedback. Feedback is important to continue to make improvements during Early Access. The developers will be actively monitoring the feedback. Join the Steam Community Discussions or head over to the Official Fractured Lands Discord. Talk about the game, report bugs, and help shape the game to better Fractured Lands!

Buckle up and battle, Pick the game up on steam today!

What is Fractured Lands?

Mad Max meets PUBG as the player strives to survive by any means necessary. Loot and pillage structures to gain supplies, weapons, fuel, and vehicle attachments. Use your vehicle and weapons to battle other road warriors, the last one standing wins.

"Can you be the lone survivor in an arena of road warriors hell-bent on destruction? Start your engine, hit the gas and drive to survive!"

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Fractures Lands Official Website

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Aug 1 2018, 12:45 am
Zachary Smith
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