Nitrado offers a fully automatic and free integration of Let's Encrypt certificates on web spaces

A secure internet is something we all need for many reasons. Here at Nitrado, we aim to help you provide this. Proving Identity is a basic requirement for secure websites on the internet. You may commonly recognize this as "HTTPS" or "SSL certificates". Certificates are in place so websites can prove their identity. Your favorite hosting platform now helps you secure your web space!

What are certificates?

Certificates (or more precisely, SSL certificates) are used in the communication between the browser and the web server when connected via HTTPS. The certificate contains information that the browser can use to verify that the delivered data actually comes from the domain it requested. Without this mechanism, it is theoretically possible for an "attacker" to hook into the connection between the browser and the web page. allowing them to see or even change the exchanged data. This is particularly critical when communicating confidential information such as passwords over the connection.

Applying for a certificate for your own domain is usually a complex process and involves high costs. Thanks to the initiative of Let's Encrypt, there is now a free alternative to receive your own certificate. On top of that, Nitrado provides a fully automated Let's Encrypt integration, which makes the otherwise complicated process a breeze - and at no extra charge!

Nitrado SSL features and Instructions

Nitrado offers full SSL support for all its web space packages for free. The function can be used in two variants:

Automatic creation and integration via Let's Encrypt

  • This is the simplest variant. Only a valid email address is needed - that's all!

Use own certificate

  • If you already have your own certificate for your domain, you can of course also use it.

Both variants are explained in detail in our wiki:

Learn to Enable HTTPS with Nitrado!!

The future

What additional features do you want for the future and what can we do to make our services even better? We look forward to receiving your feedback!

Mar 24 2018, 12:08 am
Zachary Smith
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