Galaxy in Turmoil - Free Demo Now Available

Galaxy in Turmoil - The battle Lines have been Drawn, The Galaxy is in your hands

Hey there Sci-fi fans! Who doesn't like a free game? Created by a team of volunteers over at Frontwire Studios, Galaxy in Turmoil is a free online multiplayer game with ZERO pay-to-win microtransactions. Expected to hit Steam Early Access this year, a free demo is currently already available. Head over to Steam and download the demo today!  Check out the Galaxy in Turmoil gameplay trailer and learn more about the game below.

Stay tuned for more information regarding Galaxy in Turmoil and your own private server!

Want to get involved with the development of Galaxy in Turmoil?

With the release of the free demo also came the launch of Kickstarter! Kickstarter is an important step in the game development process to help games you like to progress further. Learn more about Galaxy in turmoil's main features, background story, and more. Head on over to the Kickstarter page and pledge your support today!

About the Game

Galaxy in Turmoil's beginning stages of Early Access will be a free-to-play multiplayer combined-arms game set in a brand-new universe. The goal of the game is to get the best of the opposing faction. Endless arms races, corporate espionage, and destroying your enemy to take their stuff.

Galaxy in Turmoil features flexible scenarios where you, the player, decide how best to complete your mission. Need to take down a shield generator to advance your team’s objective? Sneak in on foot and plant some remote explosives or hop in a starfighter and carry out bombing runs. If you’re so inclined, you can even grab a tank and storm right into the enemy base. Want to disable that pesky capital ship that’s scraping the upper atmosphere? Strap into a pilot seat and soar up through the clouds. The choice is yours!


Below are some of the main game modes, character classes, and maps to look forward to!

  • Galaxy in Turmoil currently features four competitive multiplayer modes:
    • Invasion – Invade an enemy homeworld or defend your own turf from being “redacted.”
    • Siege – Storm the enemy stronghold and grab their McGuffin!
    • Domination – Land equals opportunity. Take control of the terrain and keep it out of your competitors’ hands.
    • Team Deathmatch – Two teams with access to a lot of weapons. Fight to the death!
  • Both the Comm and Vori may choose soldiers from one of four character classes:
    • Ranger -An all-around type of fighter who doesn’t mind being on the front line.
    • Engineer - Support your teammates by hacking security and setting up your AP turret.
    • Demolitionists - Make quick work of objectives and enemy armor.
    • Assassin - Sneak around the enemy and become a skillful threat.


  • Amalgam III

  • Melusium City: The Bowels

  • The Ring of Vitellus

Add Galaxy in Turmoil to your wishlist, head over to Steam to try the demo today! Play Free Now!

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