Gold Hunter Multiplayer - Now on Kickstarter

Go for Gold! Gold Hunter Multiplayer is Now Live on Kickstarter

Greetings! Have you always wanted to search together with your friends for gold? The developers over at 'eXtreme Studios' are making that possible!  "Gold Hunter" will be the first mining game to offer multiplayer.

This game is all about the lust and pursuit of gold. You can search for gold alone or with your friends online. Every beginning will prove a difficult task. With very little money to start with and a metal detector, you are on the way to your first pan of the elusive glittery dust.
Take advantage of the beautifully detailed open world. As you grow and earn more money. Expand your business, apply for licenses, lease a claim, improve your equipment and drive more than 50 different vehicles. It will be worth it for you, so what are you waiting for?

Check out some of the main features and support Gold hunter on Kickstarter today!

Go for gold! Get one step closer to the search for gold!

Support Gold Hunter - Multiplayer on Kickstarter today!!

About the Game


Get a first look at Gold Hunter with in-game screenshots and some of the main features to look forward to:


  • The first PC Gold Simulator in multiplayer mode
  • Search of Gold on land, in the water and even under the ice
  • Single and multiplayer mode
  • Story and Quests in Single Player Mode
  • integrated chat and voice
  • Controller and joystick support
  • Awards
  • Extensive options (own key assignment)
  • Detailed 64km² Map
  • Over 7 different languages planned
  • Over 60 claims available
  • More than 50 different vehicles planned (some licensed vehicles)
  • Over 250 different items planned
  • Different camera perspectives
  • Buildings and furniture are adaptable
  • Minimum survival integration (not mandatory)
  • Different seasons
  • Varied weather
  • Day and night rhythm
  • Many animals, you can also own a pet
  • Extensions are planned for the game after release


For many months now the developers have been doing a livestream on Twitch every Thursday. The streams provide a great amount of new information about the game, updates, development, general talk answering questions from the community.

Even while the Kickstarter project is running, there will still be streams. If you have questions or feedback, this is the stream for you:

  • When? - Every Thursday at 21:00 (9pm CEST)
  • Where? -

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Aug 29 2019, 10:08 pm
Zachary Smith
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