Hell Let Loose is Leaving Early Access! Nitrado Promo Campaign and Steam Launch Details

Hell Let Loose Launches on Steam! Say goodbye to Early Access

Greetings! Get ready to experience World War II like never before. Brought to you by the developers over at Black Matter Pty, Hell Let Loose is saying goodbye to early access and hello to a full launch on Steam!

Join the fight in the most iconic battles of the Western Front. Including Carentan, Omaha Beach, Foy, and more! With gripping combat, you fight across fields, bridges, forests, and towns on an ever-evolving front line. Bringing to life every aspect of World War II.

To celebrate the launch of Hell Let Loose on steam, you can receive a 30% discount for newly ordered servers! Learn more about the Hell Let Loose Promo Campaign and "The Bunker" Discord server below.

Intense gameplay with gripping combat, remake history and pick up your copy of Hell Let Loose today!

Hell Let Loose Promo Campaign

Using promo code "HLL30", order your Hell Let Loose server and receive a 30% discount for newly ordered servers!

Do you already have a Hell Let Loose server? Take part in our game key bundle campaign. Extend your server within the promotion period for an upfront renewal of 100 slots (Battalion package) and receive a game key with your renewal. We have listed below the different tiers and how many keys each tier will provide.

Game key bundle campaign:

  • 1 month rental for 100 slots: 1 key
  • 3 month rental for 100 slots: 3 keys
  • 12 month rental for 100 slots: 12 keys

Game Key Bundle and Promo Code Offer Available July 27 - Aug 24

Rent Your Hell Let Loose Server for 30% off Today!!


"The Bunker" Hell Let Loose Discord

Are you a server owner for Hell Let Loose? Welcome to the Bunker. The purpose of this discord is to link developers with communities for better cooperation and support. Basically, a central location to discuss all things Hell Let Loose Servers and Administration.

Server Owners are encouraged to join this discord, register their communities, and take part to contribute to the Hell Let Loose hosting environment.

A World War 2 experience like none other! Rent your server Today!

Rent Your Hell Let Loose Server with Nitrado Today!!

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