How to Change Your Server Name for ARK: Survival Evolved


In the glorious discoveries that await in ARK: Survival Evolved, secrets lie in wait from mysterious caverns, special obelisks, and powerful artifacts that you and your players can uncover! With the importance of uncovering these mysteries, it’s also vital that players are able to discover your server by having a strong ARK: SE server name set to your server so that they can join, your server can grow, and everyone can play together in this superb ARK journey!

An ARK server name can be anything you can imagine, from the most fun and crazy names to server names that include what the server is all about, and changing your server name on your custom ARK:SE server panel can be done in just a few steps! Follow us below as we explore what makes the perfect server name, some examples of great server names, and how you can set that name on your own ARK: Survival Evolved server!


When designing the perfect server name for your ARK: SE server, there are several things to consider to ensure the name fits your server!

What is the theme and map of your ARK server?

The theme and map of your server can help with ideas for the name as maps include special areas and features that can help with the theme of your server overall. As an example, if you had the Crystal Isles DLC map on your server, you can use the idea of “crystals” to help you create the server name!

Do you plan to change multiplier settings or other options on your server?

Unique setting changes you have made on your server are another fantastic option to include in your ARK server name. Whether it’s an ARK cluster network, 2x XP, PvE only, or similar, these options being included in the title allow players to know exactly what your server is about before they join!

Are there any mods installed on your ARK: Survival Evolved server?

Similar to adding special settings to your server name, if your server primarily consists of many different mods that completely change the ARK gaming experience, those are another great option to add-in. This can be everything from new Tek, shops, crazy dinosaurs, and more!


Using the above questions to consider a new title, here are some examples of ARK: Survival Evolved server names that you can try!

  • Crazy Dazy ARK - A New Modded Experience!
  • Roarous - 5x XP - Genesis II | 100 Players!
  • RagnaARK - Ragarok 24/7 - No Wipes!


  1. Start by loading your ARK: SE server panel.
  2. On the left side of that control panel, select the “General” option under the “SETTINGS” section.
    your ARK general server settings

  3. In your “General” settings locate the “Base settings” section, and directly under that, you will see the “Server name” setting.
    Base ark server settings

  4. In the “Server name” setting, set this to what you’d like your server name to be.
    set a custom ark server name

  5. Once you have set that server name, lastly press “Save changes” at the bottom and then restart your ARK: Survival Evolved server.

Upon startup, your ARK: SE server will now be set to that server name and players will now be able to find that name when searching through the ARK in-game server browser and when using the Steam server favorites list!

finding ARK server on Steam


When you add a server name to your server, you implement an invaluable way for fellow ARK server players to be able to find and join your server! With descriptive titles including similar wording to the ARK server’s map, settings, and other features, you can make the perfect server name for your ARK: SE server. Draw players to your server today with your own custom server name with a Nitrado ARK: Survival Evolved server!

May 16, 10:00 am
Kevin Lott
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