Conan Exiles Mods - How to Install Them


Conan Exiles brings forth a fun and barbaric adventure as you set out across a dangerous quest fighting other barbarians to survive and conquer the Exiled Lands. While enjoying the epic quest brought by Conan Exiles, more endless content and excitement await when you introduce mods to your game and server for you and your friends to enjoy.

Conan mods will take your gaming experience and server to a new level by adding nearly anything you can imagine! You can install mods of all sorts, whether youโ€™re looking to add new pets, unique weapons, custom maps, or even new features like a role-playing gamemode. Take your server to the next level today by learning how you can install Conan mods to your game and Conan Exiles server!


Installing mods to Conan Exiles can be done for both the game and Conan Exiles servers. When playing on Conan Exiles modded servers, your game will need to have the same mods installed as that server. You can start by installing mods to your game using the Conan Exiles Steam Workshop. After mods are on your Conan Exiles game, youโ€™ll be able to add the mods to your server with ease. Follow the steps shown below to add mods to your Conan Exiles game.

  1. On Steam access to your game library, select Conan Exiles. You can then press the โ€œWorkshopโ€ option to open the Conan Exiles Steam Workshop.
  2. In the Steam Workshop, use the search feature to look for and find Conan mods youโ€™d like to use.
  3. Once you have found a mod, click on that mod and then press โ€œSubscribeโ€.
    Conan Exiles Steam Workshop mod

  4. Subscribe to all of the mods youโ€™d like to add to your game and server.
  5. Once done, start your Conan Exiles game until you reach the game launcher.
  6. On the Conan Exiles game launcher, select the โ€œModsโ€ tab. You can now drag and drop mods from the โ€œAvailableโ€ section to the โ€œSelectedโ€ section to activate those mods.
    activating Conan Exiles game mods

    • You can also start up Conan Exiles fully and, from the main menu, click โ€œMODSโ€ and move mods from โ€œAvailable Modsโ€ to โ€œSelected Modsโ€ to activate them. This method will require you to restart your game to load those mods.
      adding Conan Exiles mods to your game

  7. Your selected mods will now load on your Conan Exiles game! To enjoy mods on your server with other players, continue below to learn how to add Conan Exiles mods to your server!


With your Conan mods ready, it is now time to add those mods to your game server. If you are a Nitrado server owner, you will gain access to an easy-to-install menu to easily add mods to your Conan Exiles server. Learn how to install mods automatically with a Nitrado server and manually with a Conan Exiles dedicated server.


  1. First, go on Steam and access the Conan Exiles Steam Workshop.
  2. Find and view each Conan Exiles mod youโ€™d like to add to your server and view that modโ€™s description.
  3. In the description, you can find the mod ID of each mod youโ€™d like to add. Subscribe to each mod to add them to your Conan Exiles game. While doing this, save the mod IDs of each of those mods in a list for step 6.
    Conan Exiles dungeons mod

  4. Once you are ready with that list of Conan Exiles mod IDs, continue to your server panel.
  5. On your Conan Exiles server to the left, under โ€œSETTINGSโ€, select the โ€œMods + Workshopโ€ option.
    Conan Exiles Mods and Steam Workshop server option

  6. In the โ€œActive Mods (IDs)โ€ section, add the Conan Exiles mod IDs of each mod youโ€™d like to add to your server just like this:
    Active Mods on Conan Exiles server

    • When adding the mod IDs, the mod IDs will need to be in the same order as they are listed in your game:
      selected mods in Conan Exiles

  7. After adding those mod IDs, press โ€œSave changesโ€ at the bottom. Those mods will now appear next to โ€œInstalled Modsโ€ in that order within your server mod settings.
    Conan Exiles installed mods list

  8. Lastly, restart your server to load those mods, and you will now be able to connect to your modded Conan Exiles game server!


  1. To begin, on your computer, go to this location to find your Conan Exiles Steam workshop mod folders, each named after their mod IDs:

    Conan Exiles steam workshop mod folders

  2. You can find each Conan Exiles mod .pak file in these folders. You will need these .pak files to install them on your server.
    Conan Exiles mod .pak files

  3. Create a โ€œModsโ€ folder on your computer and copy & paste each of those mod .pak files inside of that newly created folder.
    creating a new Conan Exiles mod folder

  4. While inside the โ€œModsโ€ folder you created, right-click and create a new text document named modlist.
  5. Edit that modlist.txt file and in that file, add your Conan Exiles server mods, one per line, with an asterix(*) in front of each mod:
    creating a modlist.txt file

  6. You will now need to log in to your Conan Exiles serverโ€™s FTP using an external FTP program such as FileZilla.
  7. In your Conan Exiles files, go to the location:

  8. At this location, upload the โ€œModsโ€ folder you created and allow all of the mod files to upload.
    uploading Conan Exiles mods to your server

  9. Once those mod files have completed uploading, go on your Conan Exiles server control panel and restart your server.
  10. Once online, your Conan Exiles server will now be modded!


  1. Start by using the steps above to install the Conan Exiles map mod to your server.
  2. Head to your Conan Exiles web interface and stop your server.
  3. Next, to the left under โ€œTOOLSโ€, select โ€œFile Browserโ€ to access your server files.
    Conan Exiles server file browser

  4. In your File Browser, go to this location:

    Conan Exiles main server files

  5. Inside the WindowsServer folder, click Engine.ini to edit that file.
  6. At the bottom of the Engine.ini file, add these lines to edit the server map:


  7. You can find the name of that Conan Exiles modโ€™s map on its mod Steam page. For our example with Kalimdor Exile, that mapโ€™s name is:
    Conan Exiles custom map

  8. Set that map name as the ServerDefaultMap like this:
    adding a custom map to your Conan Exiles server

  9. After adding those lines and inserting the map name, press โ€œSave changesโ€ at the bottom and start your Conan Exiles server.
  10. You will now be able to join and play that modded Conan Exiles map on your server!



The error mod mismatch is commonly caused by your modlist.txt on your game and server not matching. When adding mods, the mod lists of the Conan Exiles game and the Conan Exiles server will need to be in the same order.

To ensure your mod lists are the same, edit your mod list orders in your Conan Exiles game and on your server modlist.txt. While looking at your mod lists for your game and Conan Exiles server, ensure they are in the same order. If you have a Nitrado server, you can use the convenient โ€œMods + Workshopโ€ area to efficiently re-order the mod IDs to fix the ordering. Thankfully, until you repair the order of your Conan mods, you will still be able to join your server after the game running a quick mod check and restart to help temporarily correct the issue.


Mod authors will update mods in the Steam Workshop that provide fixes for bugs, new features, and improvements. When mods update, they will need to be updated for both the Conan Exiles game and the Conan Exiles server if youโ€™re playing with friends. You can follow each section below to ensure your mods are up-to-date on Steam and your Conan Exiles dedicated server!


To update your mods on Steam and Conan Exiles, check your Steam โ€œDOWNLOADSโ€ section. If Conan Exiles needs to be updated, press that download icon next to that game. Pressing the download icon will install any Conan Exiles game updates and mod updates available for download.


Conan Exiles servers at Nitrado keep your server mods updated automatically. When one of your Conan mod requires an update, simply restart your Conan Exiles server. That Conan Exiles mod will then automatically update to the latest version. Additionally, you can go to your serverโ€™s โ€œMods + Workshopโ€ section and press โ€œForce Updateโ€ on a mod to force that mod to update. When performing a force update, the next time you restart your Conan Exiles game server, that mod will update to the latest available version.

force updating Conan Exiles mods


When Conan mods are installed manually to a server, these mods will not automatically update when a new version of that mod releases. Therefore, to update mods on a Conan Exiles server with manually installed mods, you will need to remove those mods from your server files and then reinstall them using the latest mod .pak files from your Steam game files. You can repeat the steps in the section โ€œINSTALLING CONAN EXILES MODS TO SERVERS MANUALLYโ€ to reinstall and update a Conan Exiles mod on your server.


Now that you know how to install Conan Exiles mods, you can try some of the nearly 3,000 Conan Exiles mods available to be installed! Trying mods on Conan Exiles will expand your adventure for you and your players with almost anything imaginable. The mods you and your players can use on your Conan Exiles server include new weapons such as a magic sword, custom maps taking you to worlds like Kalimdor from World of Warcraft, and even the Armor of the Sun armor set from Dark Souls. Get started with adding Conan Exiles mods to your Conan Exiles game server to see what server adventures you will create with your friends!

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