How to Make a Map in Minecraft


Traveling inside the infinite lands of Minecraft, wondrous biomes and builds can be found throughout the many diverse biomes that house hundreds of different blocks, items, and creatures. From the flourishing villages where many local villagers live to the deep dark underground including rare ore, structures, and treasures, with every Minecraft world being unique there are endless possibilities of exploration for all players to enjoy!

With all of the different Minecraft worlds out there, you can create your own amazing Minecraft world using your imagination and all of the different blocks of Minecraft, whether that’s a castle made out of obsidian, a recreation of your favorite map from another video game, or even living a simple life with a little farm and your animals. Anything and everything you can imagine and more are all possible with Minecraft, and we will show you how you can create your own map for both Minecraft single-player and for Minecraft servers that you, your friends, and your family can play together on!


It’s time to get started on creating your map and before beginning, it’s important to know what type of map you’d like to create. Minecraft features unique world options and generators which allow you to entirely customize the world before it is created, even with the use of tools such as Minecraft custom seeds which play a large role in how your world will appear, tree placement, villager locations, and much more. Minecraft servers and Minecraft single-player feature different ways to create your custom Minecraft maps, and below we will guide you through the options to create a new world both on Minecraft single-player and for your own Minecraft game server!


During the initial creation of your own Minecraft world, each option you can edit before creating your world can have a diverse effect on how that world generates including generation type, if structures exist, game mode, along with many other settings! This section will show you the main Minecraft map generation options and what they mean before you change them:

Game Mode | Survival, Creative, or Hardcore - In Survival mode, you’ll experience a fun survival experience through Minecraft, gathering resources, and surviving. Hardcore mode is a more difficult version of Survival mode where you only have one life. For some relaxing building, creative mode offers the ability to get all blocks and build without limits!

Difficulty | Peaceful, Easy, Normal, Hard - Changes the difficulty of the game as you play. In Peaceful, hostile mobs will never spawn while in Hard difficulty, hostile mobs are extremely difficult, and being careful is your only way to survival.

World Seed | The world seed is an option that can be set to random characters that then are used by the game in an algorithm that uses the seed to determine the characteristics and features of the world. A given seed will always have the same generation meaning sharing your world seed allows others to create the same world.

World Type | Default, Superflat, Large Biomes, Amplified, Debug, or Custom - The world type is another important factor in how your world will generate, as you can set everything from the regular Minecraft generation to amplified massive biomes, and even entirely custom generation such as single-biome or one from a custom Minecraft plugin.

  • Default | The standard Minecraft world generation.
  • Superflat | A very flat world consisting of one layer of Bedrock, two layers of Dirt, and one layer of Grass.
  • Large Biomes | This world type will generate larger than normal Minecraft biomes.
  • Amplified | Requiring a powerful computer to run an Amplified Minecraft world, this world type features extremely large mountains and hills throughout the world.
  • Debug | Available in single-player Minecraft by holding the ALT-key while clicking the “World Type” button during world generation, this creates a world containing all blocks, in all of their existing states. Blocks cannot be placed if this world type is used.

Generated Structures | Modifying the Generated Structures setting sets whether or not structures including villages and dungeons can spawn inside of your custom Minecraft map.


  1. Go on your Minecraft server webinterface and press “General” under “Config Files”.
    Minecraft server config files

  2. In your config files, use the dropdown to select and load the “” file.
    editing Minecraft server files

  3. In this file, you can find each of the Minecraft generation settings you can change including “gamemode”, “difficulty”, “hardcore”, “generate-structures”, “level-type”, and “level-name”. Several of these options can also be edited through a custom UI in the “General” section of your Minecraft server settings.
    • Level-type | For Minecraft servers, the level-type is the Minecraft world type, where you can set this between:
      • 1.19 and after: “minecraft:normal”, “minecraft:flat”, “minecraft:large_biomes”, “minecraft:amplified”, “minecraft:single_biome_surface”, and custom world types.
      • 1.18 and before: “default”, “flat”, “largeBiomes”, “amplified”, and custom world types.
    • Level-name | Sets the Minecraft world’s name. This option will need to be set to the name of a world that doesn’t already exist to allow a new map to generate.
  4. Once changes have been made, press “Save changes” at the bottom.
  5. With a new “level-name” set for the server, upon restarting the server a brand new Minecraft map will be created.


  1. Open the Minecraft launcher and start the game on your preferred version.
  2. On the main menu, press “Singleplayer”.
  3. You’ll have the option to choose an existing world you’ve created, or create a new world. Select the “Create New World” option to create a new Minecraft map.
    create a new Minecraft world

  4. In the world creation menu, you can set everything for the world including the world name, game mode, difficulty level, if cheats are allowed, if you’d like to use data packs, Minecraft gamerules, and additional world options.
    Minecraft world settings

    1. The “More World Options…” area includes additional options including if structures are generated, world type, bonus chest, and where you can set a custom seed. After making any changes here, press “Done”.
      Minecraft map settings

  5. Once all of your world generation settings look good, press the “Create New World” button at the bottom to create that Minecraft map.
  6. In a short amount of time, your world will generate and you can begin playing your new custom map!
    Minecraft custom map


Thousands of different combinations of world settings allow you to create anything you can imagine. Here are just a few examples of worlds we’ve created and the settings you can use to duplicate them! (All combinations are for Minecraft version 1.19)

Large Biome Savannah Desert

Minecraft Savannah

World Type: Large Biomes
World Seed: nitradoservers

Resource Forest near a Village

Minecraft Forest

World Type: Default
World Seed: minecraftisawesome

Amplified Nitrado World - Huge Cave

Minecraft amplified world

World Type: Amplified
World Seed: Nitrado


Including already limitless features and the ability for creativity, Minecraft adds even more with the ability to create any type of world you can imagine. Now that you know how to make a map in Minecraft, you’re ready to start your own adventure whether you’re looking for an amplified underground map, a blisteringly hot lava-filled world, or a flat canvas for building your dreams, you can create that world in only minutes for you and your friends to enjoy. Make a Minecraft map that you can share with friends and begin the fun on your own dedicated Minecraft server!

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