Installing Farming Simulator 22 DLC to Your Server


Fields of enjoyment are all over in Farming Simulator 22 with endless machines and equipment to use along with massive areas to grow your crops in, all with the fun of fellow farmers and friends by your side. During those amazing times together, Farming Simulator includes DLC that you can add to your server to intensify the full farming experience and ensure your server players have everything they need to have a blast on your farm!

The DLC for Farming Simulator 22 can be added to your server with only a few short steps and offers an even larger arsenal of tractors and new features such as soil mapping to optimize and create the best farming environment for everyone! Come with us, as we learn about the different DLC and how you can easily add that to your FS22 server.


FS22 includes numerous DLC that can be added to your server, with more DLC being added consistently by the developers. We will cover each of the DLCs released as of May 2022!

Garage in Farming Simulator 22

  • CLAAS XERION SADDLE TRAC Pack | USD $3.99 | This pack joined as the first DLC for FS22, adding the XERION 4200 SADDLE TRAC and other equipment from the German manufacturer CLAAS!
  • Antonio Carraro Pack | USD $9.99 | Featured as the second DLC for Farming Simulator 22, this pack includes 10 new vehicles capable of handling most any terrain from steep gradients to narrow spaces.
  • Precision Farming DLC | FREE | Automatically included with the latest updates for Farming Simulator 22, gain access to soil maps, new tractors, and variable rate spraying to best handle seeding and weeding on your farm.


Nitrado Farming Simulator 22 servers feature the ability to quickly add all offered DLC to your server, ready after a short server restart! Below, we will show you how to get that DLC on your server.

  1. Go on your Farming Simulator 22 server panel and select the “Admin-Web interface” option at the top to edit your FS22 server’s main settings and DLC options.
    Admin web interface for Farming Simulator 22 Nitrado server

  2. In the Web interface, scroll down to the bottom and locate the “Active Mods” section.
    add DLC to a Farming Simulator 22 server

  3. Under this, check the boxes next to each DLC you would like to add to your server. We will be selecting both the CLAAS XERION SADDLE TRAC Pack and the Antonio Carraro Pack.
  4. Once you have chosen the DLC you’d like added, press the “Activate” button to enable that DLC on your server.
    installing DLC to Farming Simulator 22

  5. Lastly, go back to your server control panel and restart your server to load that DLC for your Farming Simulator 22 server!


Farming Simulator 22 DLC is a great addition to any Farming Simulator 22 game server, offering a huge variety of new content that you and your friends can explore and use together as you play! With tons of tractors, options, and ways to farm, these DLC will enhance your server. Have your friends hop on their favorite new tractors when you try DLC to your Farming Simulator 22 game server today!

Fendt tractor in Farming Simulator 22

May 12, 10:00 am
Kevin Lott
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