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Last Oasis Hits Steam Early Access - Preorder your server today

Greetings! A new and exciting MMO Survival comes to Steam Early Access. Living a nomadic lifestyle in a dying world, you must outrun the scorching sun or face certain death. Always on the move, a nomadic lifestyle and scarce resource offer new challenges to survival in this epic wasteland. Take a look at the Nomads Journey trailer to get a closer look inside the game.

Nitrado will be the official host of Last Oasis game servers. Preorder your own server starting today and get ready to take on the nomadic lifestyle. Learn more about the game below!

Your own Nomad journey. Preorder your own Nitrado Game server today!

Preorder Your Own Last Oasis Server!

About the Game:

Last Oasis is a Nomadic Survival MMO. A cataclysmic event has halted the rotation of the earth. You and other nomads in the world are the remnants of humanity. Always on the move to outrun the scorching sun. Build walking mobile bases to travel and discover new lands. Resources deplete fast, so grab your sword and get ready to scavenge, pirate, and trade to stay alive.

Main Features:

  • Walkers: Walkers are mobile bases that can be adapted for travel, transportation, harvesting, and combat. Personalize your walker to fit your needs with a multitude of structures, attachments, and upgrades!
  • The Scorching sun: The sun burns the land in the west, turning it to dust. In order to stay ahead of the obliterating sun, nomads must explore new territories that slowly emerge on the eastern horizon, where the Earth has long been frozen in impenetrable ice.
  • Survive and Thrive:  Find a source of water, hunt ferocious creatures, fend off pirates, brew mind-bending Vitamins, and uncover hidden walker technologies. Survive by exploiting what’s left of the world.
  • Player Driven Economy: Traders can take advantage of supply and demand to make huge profits. Other nomads may opt to produce or hunt down rare and highly localized resources. It’s always wise to consider potential competitors first, though. Threaten another clan’s operation, and you may become their next target.
  • No offline Raiding: The Wasteland is a safe, open stretch of desert that sits between the last livable oases on Earth. It can be used to travel to adjacent oases, or as a place to hide your walker and safely log off with all your belongings.
  • Melee and Walker Combat: Last Oasis features dynamic, skill-based directional melee combat. Nomads can choose their weapon from a wide range of both one and two-handed swords, maces, axes, and quarterstaves. If you prefer ranged combat, you can customize your walker with weapons like ballistas, scattershot guns, repeaters, or even giant slingshots.
  • Base Building: Construct portable bases or more permanent fortifications to protect yourself from hostile nomads and wildlife.
  • Solo Gameplay: Traverse the world going solo finding a niche that better suits you. Hunter, Trader, pirate, or a skilled mercenary.
  • Clans and Warfare: Join a clan and gather your forces. Make alliances and control a region to be rewarded with supplies of local resources. Grow your clan into a political and economic power.
  • Sandworm: Band together with fellow nomads to defeat this beast of a creature. Entering its territory underprepared will mean certain death. These roaming creatures are the biggest threats nomads will face






To promote social distancing and staying home, you can pick Last Oasis for a discounted launch price of $24.89 for the first week only! More info at the link below.

Last Oasis on Steam 17% Off Until April 2nd.

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Mar 26, 06:58 pm
Zachary Smith
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73 Days
Private servers are a joke. 1 tile. That is all. Cannot add more. Just 1 tile. There is zero reason to play on private servers.
77 Days
I dont see any game settings or server ajustments
So first its removed from my services list and now i get a message that ist actif and i have 28 days left... This is a horrible service...
81 Days
I have a server preordered but i would like to have 2 or 3 tiles together. Is that possible?
82 Days
Yes, I also disappeared from the list and no information. Keep the money but I won't buy anything from you anymore.
same happend to me, fuck nitrado. im not gonna bother to get my money back or get my server back. FUCK NITRADO FOR LIFE!!!!!
93 Days
Weiredest thing, the server I preordered disappeared from my list. I sent the ticket 5 days ago and no reply. I honestly think this is violating the law XD
97 Days
when are the private servers going to be ready
21 days and not 1 bit of info from nitrado's side... I think i will cancel my account...
103 Days
Nitrado canceled my claim for the second time. The price money is missing.
104 Days
DO NOT ORDER! It has now been just under a month since the original 'release date' Nitrado are currently taking 2 days to send a response of "Please wait for more information". Donkey Punch has not said anything about private servers being launched any time soon save your money and wait for a server host with better customer service to become available
108 Days
109 Days
they fixed the spears!:))
110 Days
will you explain the release date or will you be quiet???????????????????????????????????????????????
111 Days
I guess April 17th is not the date. At first, the release date for private server was March.29th. Which is the 5th day after the public server launch. Then the game failed to launch so they took a week to fix the public server. And now this shitty private server thing seems hardly to come online.
113 Days
Update from g-portal: Dear Last Oasis customers, Today we have to inform you that we are not able to offer you a Last Oasis server at the moment. It is currently not possible for us to announce a release date. The official statement of the developers is the following: "Server files may be available to enable hosting private servers at some point during the Early Access phase." We understand if you want to cancel your purchase due to the unpredictable release date. For all of you who don't want to wai
113 Days
I have heard mixed times so far, g-portal is showing 19 days until activation (which could change again) but I have also heard April 17th is what providers are being told, so hopefully soon. SteamDB also shows it the dedicated server being updated multiple times per day so they are definitely working on it.
I am highly anoyed by the silence from nitrados side... Can i cancel my preorder and host anywhere else?
120 Days
Any update on when servers will be available on Nitrado ??
121 Days
Not a single damn word from these idiots on it being delayed or anything.....
thats bull**** and they dont even say how long they need...
121 Days
just read update from the steam page. doesnt look like we will be getting them servers for awhile
Its anoying... If they say in like 5 hours they are up, i go to my bed...
121 Days
Kind of annoyed with Nitrado on this one as they are not responding to tickets etc.
#me2. Just finished work, its 11pm now. So i hope i cane make a start today at my single player pve world... I hate to be ganked by 6ish ppl