Minecraft 1.19 - Experience The Wild Update!


Prepare your wild side! The Wild Update, a major update for Minecraft: Java Edition, has been released by Mojang Studios and with it, there is so much to discover. In this untamed new version of Minecraft, deep dark biomes, ancient cities, unique mobs, and new blocks are all ready to greet you and your players as you explore. Will you uncover the secrets of the Deep Dark, meet and take on the Warden, or create a hopping frog farm? 🐸

all of the new mobs in Minecraft 1.19

Walk with us through the newest Mangrove biome as we pull apart the details of the Minecraft 1.19 update! ⬇️


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Minecraft 1.19 frogs



The croaking creature has arrived in Minecraft 1.19 and in three different variants and colors, temperate (orange), warm (white), and cold (green). The variant depends on the temperature of the biome that the tadpole is in when it grows into a frog. Frogs have 10 health points.


  • Able to croak, jump, swim, and walk on land.
  • Can jump over 5 blocks in length.
  • Faster in water compared to land.
  • Jumps between lily pads and big dripleaf.
  • Eats small slimes and drops slimeballs.
  • Eats small magma cubes and drops froglights.


Frogs can be bred together using slimeballs, after which the frog will lay eggs(Frogspawn) on water. Tadpole eggs can take between 5-10 minutes to hatch after being laid.

Minecraft 1.19 tadpoles



  • Has 6 health points.
  • Will grow into a frog 20 minutes after birth. You can speed up this process by using slimeballs. The frog variant it grows up to become will depend on the temperature of the biome that the tadpole grows up in when it becomes a frog.
  • Can be carried around in a water bucket.
  • Tadpoles are hunted by axolotls and will panic if it detects one nearby.
  • Will flop around and eventually die if placed on land. The tadpole will attempt to find a water source to jump into.

Minecraft 1.19 allay



A companion for all Minecraft players alike, the Allay is a mob voted in by the community during Minecraft Live 2021! Found primarily in cages near pillager outposts and inside woodland mansions, you can rescue the Allay. This mob can stick by your side, helping you as you play! The Allay has 20 health points and can regenerate 2 hearts per second.


  • Can find dropped blocks and items from players in loaded chunks, carrying up to a stack at a time, and drops those collected items off near note blocks and near the player.
  • Will hold items for players and when holding an item, the Allay will follow players from up to 64 blocks away.
  • Attracted to note blocks, if a note block is played it’ll become their favorite and will attempt to drop off items at that note block rather than at the player.
  • Has a 3-second delay when picking up new items after item delivery.
  • Is immune to damage from its owner when holding an item.

Minecraft 1.19 Warden



The first fully blind mob in Minecraft, the Warden stumbles as it walks using its sense of smell and vibration to detect players and other mobs. This mob will emerge from the ground in the deep dark biome when a player activates a sculk shrieker three times and at a height of 3.5 blocks, the Warden is one of the tallest mobs in Minecraft. The Warden has a total of 500 health points! Be prepared for a difficult fight if you encounter one.


  • Detects players and mobs through both smell and vibration movement.
  • Can still detect players and mobs even if affected with invisibility.
  • When detected through vibrations, the growths on its head will rattle and light up.
  • Will disable a player’s shield when hitting a player.
  • Uses a lunging melee attack that will deal 30 health points to a player.
  • Can use a ranged shrieking attack that can go through walls, bypass shields, and armor dealing 10 damage to a player. This attack has a horizontal attack range of 15 blocks and can only hit one target at a time.
  • Immune to lava and knockback, and doesn’t slow while in water.


  • Projectiles can be shot near a Warden to create a distraction, drawing it near where the projectile landed.
  • Unable to detect players that are sneaking.
  • Drops a sculk catalyst item upon dying.


1.19 Minecraft update items

  • Bucket of Tadpole - Using a regular bucket of water, you can catch a tadpole in the bucket to create a bucket of tadpoles.
  • Disc Fragment - A fragment of music disc “5” that is used to create the disc, disc fragments are extremely rare and can only be found in chests within ancient cities.
  • Echo Shard - Found in ancient cities, echo shards are used to craft a recovery compass.
  • Goat Horn - Can drop when a goat rams coal, copper, emerald, and iron ore as well as logs, packed ice, or stone. Plays a loud sound that can be heard from very far away.
  • Mangrove Boat - A new boat variant in Minecraft crafted using 5 mangrove wooden planks.
  • Music Disc “5” - A new music disc crafted from 9 disc fragments.
  • Recovery Compass - Points players to the last place they had died at. This item is crafted by surrounding a compass with 8 echo shards in a crafting table.
  • Spawn eggs for Allay, Frog, Tadpole, and Warden used for spawning in those mobs.


1.19 Minecraft update blocks

  • Froglight - Lights dropped by frogs after eating small magma cubes. There are three different variants, pearlescent (purple), verdant (green), and ochre (yellow) depending on the frog variant eating the magma cubes. This block emits a light level of 15.
  • Frogspawn - Laid by frogs after mating, these are eggs that will hatch into tadpoles. Frogspawn eggs will hatch 5 - 10 minutes after being laid.
  • Mangrove Leaves - Generates on mangrove trees. These leaves grow mangrove propagules when given bone meal.
  • Mangrove Log - Generated as a part of the mangrove trees that appear in mangrove swamps, this log also has a striped variant. Mangrove logs can be crafted into planks and wood.
  • Mangrove Planks - Crafted from mangrove logs for building and crafting blocks and items including slabs, stairs, boats, and more.
  • Mangrove Propagule - A new type of sapling that grows underneath a mangrove tree’s leaves that are found in mangrove swamps, this can be planted both on land and underwater. Growth can be accelerated with bone meal. Bees will pollinate propagule and can be bred with them.
  • Mangrove Roots - A decorative block that is a part of mangrove trees, this block is similar to leaves but can be grown and placed in water. Roots can be redstone powered and have a unique sound when doing so. Best mined with an axe.
  • Mangrove Wood - Used for crafting mangrove planks and for decoration, mangrove wood also includes a striped variant.
  • Mud - This block is found in the ground of mangrove swamp biomes. You can also create mud by crafting together or using a dispenser on a water bottle and on dirt, coarse dirt, and rooted dirt. You are able to place pointed dripstone underneath a mud block, which dries the mud into clay.
  • Packed Mud - Crafted from 1 mud and 1 wheat, this block can be used to craft mud bricks.
  • Mud Bricks - Made from crafting 4 packed mud together, mud bricks can be crafted into slabs, stairs, and walls using either a crafting table or a stonecutter.
  • Muddy Mangrove Roots - This block can be crafted from 1 mud and 1 mangrove roots to create a solid block that can be used for decoration.
  • Reinforced Deepslate - Found only in ancient cities, this block cannot be obtained in survival even with silk touch and is entirely blast and piston resistant. The block can be broken with a diamond pickaxe but will take 82.5 seconds to break.
  • Sculk - Grows when a mob dies near a sculk catalyst. When too close it will activate nearby sculk sensors and shriekers. This block can be gathered with a silk touch pickaxe.
  • Sculk Catalyst - Spreads sculk to nearby mobs that have died, with the amount of sculk depending on that mob’s experience drops. This block can be gathered with a silk touch pickaxe.
  • Sculk Shrieker - When activated by a sculk sensor, redstone, or a player stepping on it, this can summon a Warden after three times. If a Warden has already been spawned due to activation, it will only take one attempt to summon another. When activated, players will also receive a darkness effect.
  • Sculk Vein - A visual block similar to snow that drops with silk touch, this block can be found in the Deep dark biomes on the edge of sculk patches. You are able to place sculk veins in water.
  • Boat with Chest - Adds a chest to your boat for storing items. Can be crafted with any boat and a chest.



A new swamp biome that generates in warmer areas of the world, containing mangrove trees, frogs, and tropical fish in the waters. The floor layer of this biome is mud.

1.19 Minecraft update mangrove swamp


Found in the deepest depths of your Minecraft 1.19 world, the Deep Dark biome can be found between Y -1 and Y -64. This biome often contains ancient cities within it, including sculk shriekers and the possibility of a Warden spawning to come after you.

Minecraft 1.19 deep dark


A beautiful structure that can spawn within Deep Dark biomes, these areas will include all of the deep dark features and additions! These biomes contain a mixture of deepslate blocks, basalt, gray wool, and reinforced deepslate. You can find a lot of unique loot in these areas including echo shards and disc fragments. There are redstone mechanisms hidden under reinforced deepslate that can be solved to open entrances in these areas.

Minecraft 1.19 Ancient City


  • gamerule “doWardenSpawning” <true/false> - Determines whether wardens can be spawned or not. The default value is true.
  • /locate <poi> - Allows a player to find a specific point of interest.
  • /place - Replaces the /placefeature command allowing a player to place features, jigsaws, structures, and templates at a location.


  • 7 new advancements have been added.
  • A death message has been added when dying from the Warden’s ranged attack.
  • Darkness effect has been added, triggered by sculk shriekers. This causes a player’s camera to dim in brightness.
  • Swift sneak enchantment has been implemented, allowing players to enchant leggings to be able to sneak faster.


  1. Begin by going to your server panel and turning off your Minecraft server.
  2. To the left of your panel under “SETTINGS”, select the “Version Change” option.
    Change server to Minecraft 1.19

  3. In the Minecraft version changer, locate version 1.19 and press the “Install” button next to this.
    Confirming Minecraft 1.19 installation

  4. You will be asked to restart to perform this update. Press “Restart now” to make your server update. You may need to confirm the restart once more.
  5. Once your server is back online, your server will now be updated to version 1.19!


Now that you know of all the exciting features in 1.19, it’s time to give the update a shot! In only a few short steps, you can add 1.19 to your server and begin playing it with your fellow Minecraft players. Get the update on your Minecraft server today, discover new items, biomes, and mobs, and see the wild mystery behind the Deep Dark!

Minecraft 1.19 ancient cities biome

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