Minecraft Snapshot 17W17A Released

A snapshot for Minecraft version 1.12 has been released. It contains some changes and optimizations.

Minecraft Snapshot 17W17A

What's New?

  • Added lots of new advancements and moved existing ones around
  • Gave terracotta blocks unique colors on the map
  • Tweaks to the difficulty of the Illusioner
  • Reverted the purple shulker color, sorry about that!
  • New sound effects, including new note blocks instruments!
  • Made the tooltips in advancements UI overlay the screen

Technical Changes

  • Added "UpdateLastExecution" nbt tag to command blocks, useful for loops
  • Added bulk-granting/revoking to the /advancement command
  • Allow advancements to trigger commands as rewards
  • Optimized the recipe book a little
  • Advancement icons now allow data values

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed bug MC-114971 - Missing usage translation for '/advancement test' command
  • Fixed bug MC-114979 - advancement command doesn't allow bulk grant/revoking
  • Fixed bug MC-115056 - "Remote Gateway" advancement cannot be obtained by using ender pearls
  • Fixed bug MC-115170 - Advancements Test Command Success Uses the Wrong Translation
  • Fixed bug MC-115173 - Unsuccessful advancement test command has player and advancement name interchanged
  • Fixed bug MC-115574 - "Sniper Duel" advancement triggered when killing non-skeleton mob at distance
  • Fixed bug MC-115740 - Inconsistent error message for /advancement grant @p *
  • Fixed bug MC-115805 - Fences/panes/walls/bars/torches connect to a number of non-solid blocks
  • Fixed bug MC-115821 - Tooltips with long titles in the advancements menu are cut off
  • Fixed bug MC-115880 - 'Take Aim' advancement granted by projectiles other than arrows
  • Fixed bug MC-115936 - Narrator does not properly read output from /say, /tell and /tellraw command
  • Fixed bug MC-115940 - Division by zero crash with alternating /recipe commands
  • Fixed bug MC-116016 - Advancement "adventure/trade" uses criteria named "shot_arrow"
  • Fixed bug MC-116245 - "Zombie Doctor" advancement description has a period, while others don't
  • Fixed bug MC-116471 - Conditional command blocks SuccessCount doesn't update
  • Fixed bug MC-116514 - "durability" option for item-based triggers succeeds for items without durability
  • Fixed bug MC-116516 - "item_durability_changed" triggers when base change is 0, but not when Unbreaking reduces the change to 0
  • Fixed bug MC-116617 - New AutoCraft Functionality Allows Spawning Arbitrary Items
  • Fixed bug MC-116650 - Wooden fences connect to nether brick fences
  • Added some new bugs!

If you see some of these new bugs, or stumble across any older ones, let Mojang know here!

To get snapshots, open the launcher and find the launcher options tab. Check the option to "Enable Snapshots" and then choose "Save". You should create a backup due to snapshots possibly causing problems.

Which changes do you like the most? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: MC

Apr 29 2017, 03:56 am
Matthew Wiebke
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