Mod Brings Monster Hunter to ARK

The Monsters from Capcom's hit Monster Hunter are making their appearance on the ARK!

Currently, the modding scene for ARK is very active. Having recently seen the hype of Pokemon Evolved, Monster Hunter is finding it's way into the ARK.

The mod is called Monster ARK: Hunting Evolved, and it allows you to go on a hunt for some of the most iconic monsters from Capcom's popular series. This includes Rathalos, Deviljho, and Barioth.

The modder garuga123 made a simple reskin of some dinos that made them appear as Monsters,  he later imported animations so that Monster Hunter could be better experienced originally used actual models and animations from Monster Hunter Tri, and has been since the start of his development of this mod. Interestingly enough, you don't "ride" these Monsters, but rather you control them. The mod started off originally as a role playing aspect for the modder's server.

Mosnter Ark: Hunting Evolved

In addition to their appearance, the Monsters have retained some of their signature abilites. Rathalos can shoot fireballs, and Lagiacrus uses Flash. The facial expressions for Qurupeco are present as well.

There are still a few minor problems with the mod though. The occasional clipping problems occur, which is normal, but you do have to spawn the monsters in manually with the admin console. This removes the immersion of hunting the monsters, but apparently, some players have already found a solution.

If Monster Ark: Hunting Evolved is something you want to try but don't have a server yet, look no further, here's one. There is even a Discord group with other like-minded folks!

What do you think of the mod? Are you a Monster Hunter fan? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: Steam

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