Navigating the Nitrado Server Panel


Nitrado works hard to provide top-quality services to each and every client. To ensure this goal, our team of developers have created a custom and intuitive panel that will be utilized on all servers! The Nitrado server panel offers many organized options when managing a server to make it quick and easy to get your server ready for an amazing adventure with your friends.

When utilizing the Nitrado server panel to enhance your server, you’ll gain the benefits of being able to quickly modify your server settings, add and remove server files, install mods and DLC in just a click, and manage your server to perfection! Together, we will explore the server panel to learn how to navigate and use this to set up your Nitrado Game Server to ensure you can begin your gaming journey with your companions!



  1. On the website, log in to your account using the “LOG IN” button at the top-right.
    Nitrado account login

    An “Account login” window will appear where you can enter your login information.

  2. Press “Login” on that window to then proceed to log in. “LOG IN” will now be replaced with your Nitrado username.
  3. Press on your Nitrado username to see a dropdown and in this, click on “MY SERVICES” to access your services.
    Nitrado servers and services

  4. Your game servers will appear and you will want to click on the specific game server you’d like to access the server panel for.
  5. Under that game server, click on the “Web Interface Login” option to access your server panel.
    game server control panel

    You will now be brought to your Nitrado game server panel where you can view your server dashboard and begin customizing your server!


Nitrado game server dashboard

The Nitrado server dashboard is the main overview of your server. On the dashboard you can view your “Server Status”, resource usage of your server, query and RCON information, “FTP Credentials”, “MySQL Credentials”, and additional options to access all of your server files and settings on the left. Below, we will go over each part of your server dashboard!


Game Server status

Ensuring you can keep watch over your Nitrado server, the “Server Status” area provides vital information about the server name, IP address, and players online. For certain game servers, you may also see the game version and the current map loaded on that server.


Server resource usage

Never run out of server resources by monitoring your server resource usage including your “CPU Usage”, “Memory Usage”, and “Players” online with easy-to-follow graphs that will show you exactly how your server is running.

If the CPU usage or memory usage becomes too high, rogue plugins, mods, and setting changes can often contribute to that. You can review your server logs and reverse changes such as adding a new mod or setting adjustment, and if the issue persists our support team can help you!


access to RCON with your server

RCON is another great method of managing your server remotely and Nitrado ensures you can always access this with an RCON port and password. Additionally, you can also view your query port here for any features, plugins, or mods that may require this to operate properly.


file access login and MySQL login

Your “FTP Credentials” and “MySQL Credentials” are located here. Your FTP Credentials allow you to take advantage of using your very own file management program such as FileZilla to ensure you can edit your files with ease at your convenience. A free MySQL Database is also included as part of the many amazing features you can use with your server for any options, mods, or plugins that support it. The MySQL Database allows you certain addons to store their statistics, logs, and other data to keep your general server files smaller.


server navigation bar

When using your Nitrado server panel, the quality of life options you use and change can vary depending on the game that is installed on your Nitrado Game Server. These options include the ability to fully access your server files, easily change your server settings, restore backups, create automated tasks, and more! In our example below, we will be showcasing an ARK: Survival Evolved server’s settings and tools.


game server information


Your server dashboard is the main area where you can see your server status, important resource information, ports, and your credentials for FTP and MySQL.


The event log displays all actions, direct and indirect, that are made on your server. When viewing your event log, any actions performed by a Nitrado staff when getting assistance from support will appear here with a red background.


You can find all of the log files supported by your game server in this section that allow you to review everything from in-game chat logs to crash logs if they occur. *The logs displayed in this section will depend on the game installed on your Game Server.


A built-in diagnostic tool, the “Server Check” runs a full scan of your server to find any errors that may be in your configuration files, settings, and log files. If any errors are detected, you will then be able to know exactly where to check to fix that.


game server settings

All of the settings on your game server are included in the “SETTINGS” section. You can access your “General” settings to find all of your main server options and additionally, you will be able to find specialty file settings if they are supported by the game installed on your server. *When using an ARK: SE as an example, you are able to edit the specialty “Engine Settings”.


An amazing addition to all servers that support them, if your server can use mods, plugins, or DLC you will be able to find and install them within this option. These addons enhance your server and help bring joy to all players!


When you make changes on your Nitrado Game Server, those changes are all saved in a “Configuration Profile”. This allows you to easily restore and create backups of your server settings! Configuration Profiles can also be used to create special custom configuration backups when using your server for league matches, mini-games, and more.


When a game supports the ability to link multiple servers together, you can access that option here. As an example, included with ARK: Survival Evolved servers you can access “CrossARK” and for Minecraft servers, “BungeeCord”, to be able to create your very own gaming network!


server tools


The “Player control” section shows all players currently connected to your server and provides you will the access needed to manage those players. Add players to special lists or perform actions to kick and ban those players when necessary for the ultimate control over your server.


Manage your files with ease! A built-in custom file browser for your Nitrado Game Server ensures that you can add, remove, edit, and download any files on your server in a flash. With full access to your server files, this also gives you complete control to change any setting files, install mods and plugins, and make your server perfect for you and your community.


No matter what happens to your server, Nitrado always has your back with backups. Your server supports three types of backups. Supported by certain games, the “Internal Save Game Backups” are backups of only the current save file that the game installed to your server takes automatically as you play. “Server Backups” are backups of your server that are taken once a day and backup your entire server and configuration files. Lastly, “Database Backups” are useful backups of your MySQL database. All backups of your server are able to be restored at any time!


Support full server automation with “Automated tasks”, allowing you to schedule specific tasks to run on your server. You are able to set a “Time Interval”, “Date Interval”, and a supported “Action” for that server. When using tasks that stop or restart your server, there is even a supported “Message” feature that allows you to message and inform your players before the server stops.


extra server options


If you’re ever in a pinch for help, the “HELP” tool is an amazing feature that you can try. HELP reviews your server to determine the game you’re running and then provides related tutorials and common issue guides you can reference to improve your server experience! Learn about everything from navigating your server’s FTP to fixing lag on your ARK server and so much more.


When your server begins to grow and you start to experience a lot more players, or if you’re looking to run a modpack or game map that requires a lot of server resources, your server can begin to need a larger player count and more memory resources. When that occurs, you can utilize this Upgrade/Downgrade option to quickly and easily upgrade your server so that you can focus on your gaming adventures!


A powerful service tool for your server, the “REINSTALL” button offers a quick and effective method to erase the files currently on your server and to install a fresh installation of that game you’re playing. This is great when issues such as corruption occur, as well as if you’re just looking to start over again. With two clicks, your game server will reinstall and you’ll be ready to play again!


Switch up your experience with the “SWITCH GAME” option, where you can switch between over 100+ different games in seconds. By using the Switch Game feature, you are able to have up to 5 games installed on your server that you can switch through any time you want to try a different game. Each game installation saves your files and data so that when you switch back you do not lose anything!


When using your server panel with Nitrado Server Hosting, you will gain the ultimate control over every aspect of your server so that you can create the perfect server for everyone! Utilize your custom File Browser and Setting areas to change up your server experience, all while keeping watch over your server through your Server Status, resource usage, and logs. Take command over your server today with your own Nitrado Game Server!

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