Nitrado ARK servers for Xbox One are available for preorders!

The wait is over: Get in your preorders now and be among the first to set foot on the brand new Nitrado servers for ARK on Xbox One.

How to get a server

All purchases regarding ARK Xbox One servers will have to go through our Microsoft Store app. The app can be installed on an Xbox One or any Windows 10 PC.

On Xbox One, until the app is properly listed in the Microsoft Store search, you can use the following store code to get the app:


When will preorders be fulfilled?

We will start installing the preordered servers the moment the respective update for ARK on Xbox One releases. Before this update rolls out, it would not be possible to connect to our new servers.

At that point, preorders will be fulfilled in the order they‘ve been received in, each hosting location independently. Please note that it will not be possible to change the hosting location for an already preordered server.


Do not hesitate to reach out to us on social media if you‘ve got questions. We‘re here for you and we‘ll support and inform you with and about everything that‘s going on along the way.

    Oct 21 2017, 10:29 am
    André Becker
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    1115 Days
    Waiting on my Pre Ordered server to come in. I’ve seen others up but not mine sadly.
    1117 Days
    So I just rented a server today, anyone know what the wait time is until we can access our own servers?
    1118 Days
    It's now January 1st when will the servers be up the update has been pushed out
    1118 Days
    Been almost a week and my server still says preordered
    1118 Days
    when will my server be up
    1118 Days
    when is new york severs going to be available
    1121 Days
    Preordered UK and its been 2 days already. Any chance for an estimate , days..weeks..months?
    1122 Days
    Can I see what number I am in the que to get my server published?
    1126 Days
    how long dose it take for a server to perorder
    1130 Days
    So how long does it’s been 24 hrs
    1137 Days
    can i plz have my sever now.
    1138 Days
    What's the difference between a NYC server and a Miami based server. I live in WV so would that change anything?
    1160 Days
    Hello i was just wondering before i give my money away how long i would have to wait for a server after preordering it? Or am i better to just wait it out for a couple weeks let a couple patches and fixes get done before?
    1160 Days
    Hello, I preordered a server last night, and I still don't have it. Can I get an eta for that server to be live?
    1173 Days
    Xbox servers released as of today. Great. Maybe I missed reading it somewhere but can we cluster servers? Is it that all servers I lease are clustered so I can run all 4 maps simultaneously and peeps can transfer amongst them? Are other dedicated servers also included in the cluster?
    1174 Days
    So once our server is live and game updated on xbox how do we find our server and get on to play???
    1174 Days
    The link didn't paste right. You need to have an underscore (_) after Evolved then (X-box) in the address.
    1174 Days
    There is a wiki: If you click on "Extending time on Server" is explains that you will be able to renew your subscription. Has anyone seen if Xbox has updated the game yet to make our servers available? I have mine set up, just waiting to find it on the Xbox!
    1174 Days
    So I have my server! I'm wondering however if we an renew our server monthly so we dont have to restart every time? My server status says it will run until December 7 but then what? Does it give me an option to renew within an allotted amount of time? Or is that it? Once your month is up do you have to buy a new one? or buy one for 90 days? It would suck if these servers were one and done :( especially with the 3 month servers.
    1179 Days
    Agree, can we get something even if its "we don't know why it's not working" would due. Yes radio silence is never a good thing, whoever is on radio watch must have fallen asleep.
    1179 Days
    Update on this please. Anything is better than radio silence especially when you have my money
    1183 Days
    xbox update für 1 November
    1184 Days
    What the hell are you talking about??? 765?
    1185 Days
    up date 765?
    1185 Days Looks like they finished up at Microsoft. Aiming for Nov 6th