Nitrado Heavily Upgrades Hardware and Tackles Conan Exiles Rush

During the last couple of days, the industry was surprised by the huge success of Conan Exiles. Even us at Nitrado didn't expect such an immense rush.

We haven't seen anything like this in a while: within a few days of the release of Conan Exiles,

several thousand servers were rented at Nitrado.

At the current time, over a quarter of all privately hosted Conan servers globally are hosted with Nitrado.

We typically have extra hardware in waiting for circumstances like this, but we had no idea we'd see so many rentals so quickly. This caused some systems to be overloaded. Many of you may have noticed random disconnects followed by restart loops on games requiring Windows. Because Conan requires a hefty amount of RAM, memory was the largest bottleneck within our systems. We've upgraded all systems where possible, to

384GB of RAM. A total of around 5000GB of RAM was installed in Germany alone, and another  1500GB of RAM

for the US locations as well.


After those upgrades, we still had some bottlenecks that needed to be addressed, so

we ordered $234,000 worth of new servers.

In order to avoid some delays with the shipment of these, part of our team went directly to the European SuperMicro warehouse in Holland. From this large order, over half have been installed overnight from Friday to Saturday. These new systems are resilient to the existing bottleneck, meaning all servers are fully functional again. The remaining systems are expected to go online throughout the coming week and will serve as a buffer and will also be for new game servers.


We would like to sincerely apologize for any inconveniences this has caused, but we promise that our usual quality of service will return soon!

We would like to thanks Funcom for their cooperation and openness to hear our feedback by sending reports and suggestions to improve game performance.

Many thanks to all our teams across the globe to have worked like crazy during this under high pressure period.

Let's keep upgrading our infrastructure so you can enjoy your game on the go.

Nitrado team

    Feb 11 2017, 07:54 pm
    Matthew Wiebke
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