Nitrado has Blackwake Servers!

Get all hands on deck and hoist the sails: Blackwake has sailed its way into Nitrado!

Are you into first person shooters but looking for something a bit different? Blackwake might be exactly what you are looking for! Take action with up to 53 additional players on the oceans of Blackwake, manning ships, firing cannons, and getting up close and personal to see who truly rules the sea.

Blackwake places heavy emphasis on teamwork and coordination as sailing a big wooden boat filled with cannons is no simple task. There are no specific roles on the boat, only that everyone does their part to keep it floating and making sure the enemy ship does not. Be that repairing the masts, removing water, or making sure the cannons are loaded, there is surely something for you to do.

There are a few game modes in Blackwake, all based off of deathmatch. Depending on the game mode, up to three ships can exist for each team, providing another level of depth to teamwork and coordination.

Blackwake has been heavily involved with the community that has developed around this game, and there is talks on the horizon for some DLC.

Blackwake is currently available on Steam. You can grab your own server for Blackwake at Nitrado!

Have you been waiting for Blackwake? What are your thoughts on the game? Let us know in the comments below!

Mar 5 2017, 03:11 am
Matthew Wiebke
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