Nitrado Changelog - August 2018

Nitrado Changelog - August 2018: Domain improvements, General fixes, and More

Greetings! The month of August has come to a close and we have a rundown of what happened. Domain improvements to general fixes and features along with the first Nitrado Partner Spotlight! We also saw the release of the second game on the Nitrado Xbox App! Take a look full changelog below to stay up to date on all the changes with Nitrado. Check out all these new games added to the Nitrado Game Cloud this year:

New Games

PixARK on Xbox has been released! Start your adventure and play on your own server today.

So many new games have been added to the Nitrado Game Cloud this year! We have compiled a list of all the games you can now enjoy on your own Nitrado game server:

Partner Spotlight - Kintinue

With the intention of bringing you closer to content creators, we had our first Nitrado partner spotlight! We will feature and post a new partner each month.  Want to learn more about Kintinue? Check out the Partner Spotlight here:


A full list of all the changes, fixes, and additional features this month at Nitrado:


  • Premium Domain Check: The domain overview will show if a domain is a Premium Domain. This would mean it cannot be ordered through us and has a preferred provider.
    • Premium domains are expensive special domains like which can only be bought directly from the top level domain’s registry.
  • Availability indicators for domain wizard: We have added icons showing availability for domains with a red or green check icon. Also, an indicator is shown when the page is loading during the lookup.
  • "My Services" View will indicate if the server is started (green), stopped (red) or otherwise busy, such as during restarts or backup restores (yellow). This will assist with easier management of multiple servers.
  • “My Services” view will now show a location flag next to IP for game servers. This should help make it easier to identify servers if in different locations.
  • “My Services” view shows server name on the game server display screen. This should help make it easier to identify servers by name.
  • Implemented a modlist which provides the top 20 mods installed on Nitrado servers. Available for all upcoming games with workshop mods
  • TS3 Update to version 3.3.0 + 3.3.1: This update was also applied to cloud servers.
  • Changes to improve and distribute updates faster.
    • We have significantly improved deployment time for game updates, this will continue to improve over time.
    • Games are checked by the system more frequently for updates. This should help improve situations where customers haven't received an update for hours.
    • These will not be the last improvements to increase the update speed.

Game Specific:

  • ARK: Map names and mod maps now show correctly under the "Mapname" option of the web interface of your server.
  • Rend: Additional regular backups have been applied as "Rend_Persistent.sav file". These can be downloaded and restored to the server.
  • Rend: More settings added to the web interface and waves can now be configured under the “Wave Schedule” form in the Tools section.
  • Stationeers: Increased the limit of how much CPU runtime a Stationeers server is allowed to use.
  • Space Engineers: Fixed log file - newest one is now selected.
  • Space Engineers: Fixed the proper world loading if the world changes
  • Wreckfest: Nearly all settings are now available in the web interface! A new "map-cycle" page will be coming soon along with other reworks to the web interface.
  • Outpost Zero: Config files now functional. They will no longer error out when trying to access and configure.
  • Battlefield 2: The config file “default.cfg” can now be accessed through the config editor.
  • Ylands: Added permission settings - It is now easier to add yourself as admin. Learn how here.

Minecraft Updates:

  • Minecraft FTB/Curse - Minecraft Mage -> 1.3.7 (1.12.2)
  • Minecraft FTB/Curse - Project Ozone Lite -> 1.3.6 (1.10.2)
  • Minecraft FTB/Curse - Direwolf 20 1.12 -> 2.2.0 (1.12.2)
  • Minecraft FTB/Curse - Enigmatica2: Expert -> 1.34 (1.12.2)
  • Minecraft FTB/Curse - Revelations -> 2.4.0 (1.12.2)
  • Minecraft FTB/Curse - Modern Skyblock 3: Departed -> 3.4.2 (1.12.2)
  • Minecraft FTB/Curse - World of Dragons -> 11.8.105 (1.12.2)
  • Minecraft FTB/Curse - The Simple Life 2 - Genesis -> 2.3 (1.10.2)

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