Nitrado Changelog - February 2019

February 2019 Changelog - New Location, New Game, and More

Greetings! It has been a couple of busy months, but we are back with another Nitrado Changelog. The team here at Nitrado has been hard at work with new locations, games, and various improvements. Check out some of the details below to see what we have been up to!


Are you going to be at Pax East? Come visit us! Nitrado will be hosting a booth (#10042) during this event from March 28th through March 31st. Mark your maps, we're at booth 10042, right next to !

A new Location Rises! Singapore is now online

Nitrado now operates with fully-owned hardware in multiple tier-3 data centers across the globe. With the goal of ensuring low latencies world-wide, Nitrado has taken a step towards global coverage with our new data center in Singapore. Learn more information about the new data center at the link below and rent your server today!

Outlaws of the Old West

Where rough men are used to rough ways, try to survive in this epic Western Survival MMO. Offering thousands of items and a modular building system. Travel with your caravan, establish a homestead, battle villainous bandits and much more! "Outlaws of the Old West" is coming soon to steam early access! Check out our previous posting to learn more about some of the exciting details and features of the game.

Don't forget to add "Outlaws of the Old West" to your steam wishlist today!


Below we have put together a list of the changes made this month to Nitrado and some web interfaces.


  • A new forum has been released! ->  - The old forum remains active currently
  • Anticheatinc support for battlefield - Nitrado customers can use our servers with the service provided by
  • Resources usage statistics are now visible again on the webinterface of your server. (CPU, Ram, Players)
  • Default Map Selection for Atlas - You can now import a selection of maps, including sample maps, the official 15x15 as well as the Darkside RP map.
  • UI improvements for the Atlas webinterface - The “Configure Atlas” page is a lot cleaner now and split up into different pages.
  • Restart/Stop-Message for Atlas cluster actions - Restarting or stopping a complete cluster can be enriched with a message, which will be displayed ingame.
  • New Atlas Settings added to the webinterface - Various Atlas Main and Atlas Expansion settings.
  • Eco servers are getting now updated by the steam updater directly - This change results in faster updates for our eco gameservers!
  • Improvements were made to the Minecraft overview map - Backend revisions and improvements. The maps will now work much faster and better.

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