Nitrado Changelog - July 2018

Nitrado Changelog July 2018 - New Games, New Features and More

Greetings! We hope that you are beating the heat this summer! July went by crazy fast and there was a lot that happened. New web interface features for settings, and a ton of new games. The development team has been hard at work with improvements so our customers can have the best experience possible.

Did you know, Nitrado operates with fully-owned hardware in seven tier-3 data centers across the globe? This is done to ensure low latencies world-wide. We have added a new Data Centers page for all the gushy details! Learn about the technology we’re using to deliver great gaming experiences. We have more detail on the Servers Hardware, Power, Network, DDoS Protection, and Backups! Check it out right here: Nitrado Data Centers

Importing and Exporting

Importing, exporting and sharing settings has never been easier! Located in the 'General Settings' of your web interface, you will find the option to export and import your settings. This should make quick work for setting up those ARK clusters and sharing settings with friends! If you are curious to learn how to use this tool, check out these helpful instructions:

New games:

So many new games have hit the Nitrado Game Cloud this month. Click the respective links and rent your server today. Here is a little recap of what is new:

Outpost Zero



Post Scriptum

Minecraft 1.13 (Aquatic Update)


The Isle


A full list of changes, and improvements made in July 2018.

General Changes:

  • Added a new Data Centers page. You can read more details on the Servers Hardware, Power, Network, DDoS Protection, and Backups!
  • Warning on the web interface which recommends using another browser if using Internet Explorer. We want our customers to have the best user experience possible, and Internet Explorer is missing many important browser features. Please use Chrome, Firefox or Edge instead.
  • SSL support for FTP has been enabled
  • FTP and PHPMyAdmin URLs have been moved to the domain “”
  • It is now possible to add multiple additional MX resource records for domains. This allows you to configure redundant mail servers for your domains. A common use case for this are third party mail hosting services like Google Apps/GSuite, which require multiple MX entries.
  • A setting exporter/importer added to game servers. It is now easier to share settings and configuration with friends!
  • Now offering specific Top Level Domains with a “special price” for initial registrations.
  • Xbox App: A more lively appearance, some videos, and screenshots have been added.
  • Xbox App: A new description and list of features added.

Game Specific:

  • Rust: web rcon enabled.
  • Stationeers: Added a new setting to set a server description; Server name and description now appear in the respective INI files.
  • Hellion: Added more base settings and multipliers.
  • Dark & Light: Mod support enabled.
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