Nitrado reduces server prices for ARK: Survival Evolved on Xbox One

A while ago, we published preliminary prices for our Xbox One servers. We stressed that those prices were subject to change. Turns out: We were right with that.

In short: The announced prices in USD have been reduced significantly, and slightly for other currencies. Scroll down for an overview of finalized prices. But if you like, stick around for the full story - including GIFs.

The Mistake

The reason we emphasized that those prices we announced were preliminary, was that the guys at Nitrado who are responsible for finances and accounting hadn't finally checked them. However, even though that was still due, we felt it was important to inform everyone about the current status, so that the surprise (increased prices due to the Microsoft store fee) didn't come at the moment people wanted to finally rent their servers.

But hey - who needs those guys from accounting, anyway? It's just: Take the price we show on our website, add the Microsoft store fee to that, and that's it! Right?


It turns out that things aren't that simple, and that much is to be considered when that many parties are involved: Nitrado providing the product, Microsoft selling the product, and the customer purchasing the product, all that spread across multiple continents. There is one topic in particular that blew up our whole, simplified calculation:


The mistake we (or rather I - the author of this article) made, was that we didn't account for the way American sales taxes work opposed to European ones. If you're not familiar: In Europe it is common (and mandatory) to always present the full price of a product to a customer, including all applicable taxes, specifically VAT - and there's VAT on pretty much anything. In the US, however, due to heavy variations in sales taxes between states and sometimes even cities, prices are shown and advertised excluding taxes, and those taxes are then applied during the checkout procedure. On top of that, in many cases products like our servers are even completely excluded from sales taxes.

This gets even weirder when selling products through Microsoft. If you tell Microsoft to charge 1 Euro, they will take 1 Euro including applicable taxes from the customer, subtract the Microsoft store fee, subtract the VAT that was included in that price, and then give you what's left.

However, if you tell Microsoft to charge 1 USD, they will charge 1 USD plus applicable taxes (and often there are no applicable taxes at all), subtract the Microsoft store fee from the 1 USD, and then give you what's left.

So basically, when we announced those prices in USD, we assumed a significant sales tax to be included, which, of course, doesn't apply there. And when I presented my calculation and the prices we had announced to accounting, their reaction was pretty much this:

So yeah, that didn't go too well. But gladly there was still time to make adjustments.

Scraping off a little more

On top of the tax massacre, we went through every single configuration and checked if and where we still had some room. We felt like the Microsoft Store fee especially hit small server communities of just a few friends, and we are happy that we were able to slightly reduce prices for our minimum configuration of 10 slots - this time for all currencies. We were also able to adjust the price of another popular configuration at 50 slots.

Finalized Prices

Here are the prices you've been waiting for. All prices are for ARK servers for Xbox One, sold through our Microsoft Store app:

USD (plus applicable taxes) EUR (including taxes) GBP (including taxes) CAD (plus applicable taxes)
10 Slots, 30 Days 13.99 13.99 11.74 17.99
20 Slots, 30 Days 21.99 21.99 18.49 27.99
32 Slots, 30 Days 34.99 34.99 29.24 44.99
50 Slots, 30 Days 53.99 53.99 44.99 69.99
70 Slots, 30 Days 74.49 74.49 61.99 95.99
100 Slots, 30 Days 98.49 98.49 82.49 126.99


USD (plus applicable taxes) EUR (including taxes) GBP (including taxes) CAD (plus applicable taxes)
10 Slots, 90 Days 37.99 37.99 31.74 48.99
20 Slots, 90 Days 59.49 59.49 49.74 76.99
32 Slots, 90 Days 94.49 94.49 78.99 121.99
50 Slots, 90 Days 145.99 145.99 119.99 187.99
70 Slots, 90 Days 199.99 199.99 164.99 257.99
100 Slots, 90 Days 269.99 269.99 224.99 349.99

As mentioned before, in many cases "plus applicable taxes" still means that this is the final price sale price, as there often are no applicable taxes.

The Moral of the Story?

Well: Don't announce prices until you're absolutely sure. We wanted to inform the community as quickly as possible, like we usually do - however, this time this meant we were publishing inaccurate information at first.

We have caused some confusion with our initial announcement, and frankly, we also made a few people upset. We (and I, specifically) want to apologize for that.

You do still love us though, don't you?


Moving Forward

Now that that's out of the way, there's just one question left to answer: When?

Update: Because there was an issue during Microsoft's certification of the client-side update needed to play on our servers, the release of rented servers for ARK on Xbox One has been postponed to early November by Studio Wildcard. Follow us on social media to always receive the latest information about this topic.

We plan to release our Microsoft Store app and enable preorders some time between Wednesday, October 18th and Friday, October 20th. The reason we can't provide a more precise date is that we're still testing and polishing, and if we find something, we'll fix it before releasing the app. Either way, you will still have plenty of time to get your preorders in. We will then start delivering servers on October 25th, in the order we've received the preorders.

The app will be very easy to find: Just search for "Nitrado" in the store and you're good to go! You will need a Nitrado account to sign in, which you can either create within the app itself, or, if you want to be extra fast, right now here on our website.

Future Features

A lot of people asked us how server donations are going to work through the Microsoft Store, if someone wants to support the server they're playing on. We're currently working on a feature that we're calling "Server Boosting". That means you will be able to purchase small chunks of run time for an already running server you don't own yourself. This will make it easier to split the server costs among multiple people, if you and your friends should decide to do so.

This feature will not be available at launch on the 25th, but we plan to have it available before the first run time extensions are due.

Stay tuned!

To stay informed, keep an eye out on our social media channels, specifically Twitter and Facebook. We will do our very best to keep you posted with up-to-date info during preorders and launch of our ARK Xbox One servers.

Oct 17 2017, 06:16 pm
André Becker
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354 Days
689 Days
When will there be oceanic Xbox servers
787 Days
I would like to rent a server but know nothing about how to do it, Could someone please tell me what all it intails I have read a bit. Do I have to have 2 xbox's to do this and I am new to the game still and know nothing about the different maps I can use. Wanting to get one set up for a few family members and friends.
910 Days
Hey are Xbox one servers being handed out yet
1101 Days
I preordered a server teo days ago and it still isnt up for xbox
1115 Days
So the server is okay but just that okay. I wouldn’t even say it’s good. Connecting with a server is a pain. Takes 45 min to connect with the server. There is a way around the waiting but you shouldn’t have to jump though hoops just to connect, especially when you are paying for it. Up in the air if I will pay for another 30 days of this.
1122 Days
Why isn't the servers up and running? It's the 3rd of November and they was supposed to be up in October?
1134 Days It's out...
1135 Days
Just preordered 3 x 100 slots.. Add me on Xbox if you're interested in joining GT: originaltipsmxm Slightly boosted, starters, events, PVP
1135 Days
Because it hasn't been released yet
1136 Days
cant find it
1136 Days
Anyone find the App in the Microsoft store yet?
1137 Days
Any word on if our server data will transfer over? Or should I refresh my naked clubbing skills
1138 Days
@everzell Good luck with that since Nitrado is the only authorized company to do Console servers. At least they are making corrections and the prices are not too bad now, looking forward to my server.
1138 Days
Hello, that´s very good news. I have a question. Can I change number of slots at any time?
1138 Days
I'm still looking to see if other servers are available. When a company constantly changes prices it makes me weary on how reliable or steady their prices will be. I have seen one site and waiting for only 72.00 for 3 months for 30 slots. I will be comparing and looking around.
1139 Days
I am now really thinking of renting a server now when they come out on the 25th so that me and a few friends can play together on xbox and enjoy the game to the full.
Yes!!!! Thank you so much for working on reducing the prices!
1139 Days
Johnplank211 - depends. Move them from an official server? No. But if you are on a player dedi and it allows transfers and you set the new server up to allow transfers and you keep them both up at the same time....shouldnt be any reason you couldnt.
1139 Days
Will we be able to move our dinos and gear over to these servers? Sorry if stupid question.
1139 Days
Well this is much better news. $1.40 per slot essentially isnt bad. Just wish we could pick the number of slots instead of these pre configured packages.