Nitrado Partner spotlight #1 - Kintinue

The Nitrado Partner spotlight! August 2018: Kintinue

Greetings! Today we have something a little different for you. With the intention of bringing you closer to content creators, we introduce our first Nitrado partner spotlight! We will feature and post a new partner each month. For the month of August, we will be introducing Kintinue! An avid twitch streamer, and dedicated gamer!

Below, we have left some questions and answers from an interview with Kintinue herself. Enjoy!

About Kintinue

Kintinue has been streaming full time since July 12, 2015. In her time streaming her community, the 'Kinsanity' has raised over $30,000 for charity! Coming from Tennessee, she was convinced to start streaming by her fiance. Kintinue didn't want to stream in the beginning but has fully fallen in love with it since. Join her over on twitch for good times and fun Sunday through Friday!

A few more facts about Kintinue:

  • Has a Bachelors Degree in Economics.
  • Hates Windows.
  • Started Streaming Sitting on the Floor with no Facecam.
  • Loves Water and Hates Raspberries.
  • The Voice of VERA in the Indie Game 'Dimension Drive'.
  • Loves to host panels, speak at events, and hang out with the community.



Get to know Kintinue a bit better with these questions and Answers!

Everyone on the internet has a story of where their name came from, what's the story behind yours?
- For starters: I am really bad at games. When I first started streaming I REALLY was terrible at games. (I have gotten a little better over my time streaming) Due to my terrible gameplay ability, I found myself pressing Continue often. My fiancee thought a good combo with my real name (Kinsey) and Continue worked well, so Kintinue was born. I actually prefer it!

Many gamers started from childhood, what is the earliest gaming memory you have?
- My earliest gaming memory definitely stems from gaming with my dad. I would sit with him while he played Doom and Wolfenstein on floppy discs for hours. I also remember sinking a lot of time into Warcraft 2, Roller Coaster Tycoon and Sims. In high school, my friends and I played WoW frequently.

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Nitrado is partnered with hundreds of Content Creators, Modders and Developers, how are you finding your partnership with Nitrado?
- The partnership with Nitrado has been awesome! I have had opportunities to meet new friends and casters, take part in early access of games, having servers that are exclusive for the community I have as well as the Nitrado community overall, shoutcasting opportunities and so much more. It has been awesome! With the direction Nitrado seems to be heading, I think this is only going to keep getting better! It is really nice to be teamed up with such awesome casters, content creators, modders and devs!

Collaboration is a cornerstone of growing some channels, if you could collaborate with anybody, who would it be and why?
- I will drop two names because why not! In the Twitch universe, I have always wanted to take part in NorthernLion's Super Show (The NLSS). The entire group on that show have such interesting and funny conversations, play cool indie games and just all in all are great people. I have been lucky enough to meet a few of the members of the NLSS and they have all been great. NorthernLion is a huge role model to the industry and someone I think people should look to when working in the gaming realm. Outside of gaming, I think I would love to collaborate with Seth Green. Let's be honest - he is super funny and smart. I would think gaming alongside him would be a blast.

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Everyone has a favorite game or a game they'll always come back to, what's that game for you?
- Currently, that game for me is an early access indie game called My Time at Portia. It is a single player game with a Harvest Moon/Stardew Valley feel. There is construction, mining, farming, exploration, relationships and so much more. The devs release updates each month with more story content so there is always something to do. Also, I do fall back on Fortnite a lot lately. It is great for the community because it is free and the rounds are short. While I don't stream it often, we play a lot off cast.

If you found a magic orb, that granted 3 wishes, what would they be?
- Oh, now. This is a tough question. I think I would want the ability to make people happy, the ability to teleport and....hmmmmmm. A wish for eternal wishes!

New content creators are starting all the time, what's some advice you would give them that you wish you'd known when you started?
- Network, make real friendships and don't be afraid to talk to people. I spent so much time being intimidated that I missed out on a lot when I got started. I was afraid to speak to other people, join in, etc. REACH OUT! Make friends! Find your tribe. It is okay if you don't fit in with everyone. At the end of the day, you are you and that's just fine. :)

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Inspiration is a key thing in any venture, what inspires you with content creation?
- I get inspiration from the community, the world, other content, going to the grocery store, so many ways! I think you have to always be looking to the world to see what makes you happy and how you can bring that happiness to others.

In today's competitive environment for content creators, switching to new games is needed to stay ahead of the curve, that means you often don't get to finish games, what was the last one you felt you'd completed?
- I finished Bulletstorm: Full Clip Edition not too long ago. I loved it! I have also played through Detroit: Become Human a few times (but I STILL don't feel I have truly finished it).

During a Zombie apocalypse which other content creators would you want with you?
- Hmmm. This is hard. I think I would want a lot of different people with me for different reasons: ClassyKatie for her awesomeness and medical background, Wish to keep everyone grounded, SteelRain and PatrckStatic for their directional ability, MegKaylee for her ability to make us smile, Tyrynn to help find the best escape route... I could go on for hours! I don't think I could narrow it down to one person.

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