Nitrado Partner Spotlight - Adrián Ponce

The Nitrado Partner Spotlight! April 2021: Adrián Ponce

Through social media, lectures, videos, and letters; an ordinary gamer set out to break the barrier between people and disabilities. Meet Adrián Ponce, content creator from Nuevo León, México:

I am an ordinary person who has a lot of enthusiasm for life. Although I was born with a disability, I believe that it is one of the many problems that all people are exposed to. However, it is true that ignorance of this issue is the main cause of discrimination. That is why I try to break taboos with my content by normalizing disability. This way young people do not see it as a barrier between people.

Catch him live, streaming (almost) every day over on Facebook. Along with frequent uploads on his YouTube channel with his "Minecraft but with one foot" series!

Below is our partner spotlight Q&A! Learn more about Adrián and some of his decisions behind content creation.

Experience the infinite possibilities of Minecraft!

More from Adrián Ponce: 

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Partner Spotlight - Q&A

  1. Everyone on the internet has a story of where their name came from, what's the story behind using your real name?
    • The most relevant thing about my name is that I decided to use my mom's last name as a small tribute for being the one who has supported me the most.
  2. Nitrado is partnered with hundreds of Content Creators, Modders, and Developers, how are you finding your partnership with Nitrado?
    • I really enjoy being with Nitrado. I have had good experiences with the staff, and they have been incredibly supportive of my community.
  3. Everyone has a favorite game or a game they'll always come back to, what's that game for you?
    • Minecraft definitely is my favorite game. In addition to the fact that its mechanics offer almost infinite possibilities, its controls are very flexible and allow me to adapt them very well to my needs.
  4. Inspiration is a key thing in any venture, what inspires you with content creation?
    • I like to think that at some point my content will help someone's life. Who knows? Maybe even someone will get married thanks to the fact that disability is no longer an obstacle.
  5. In today's competitive environment for content creators, switching to new games is needed to stay ahead of the curve, which means you often don't get to finish games, what was the last one you felt you'd completed?
    • The Witness. It is a puzzle game that takes you from curiosity to frustration, to anger, and to excitement when you finally resolve a puzzle and makes you feel like a genius.

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