Nitrado Partner Spotlight - Gogo08

The Nitrado Partner Spotlight! January 2021: Gogo08

We welcome the New Year and another Partner Spotlight. Gogo08 is a French content creator who likes to share his adventures of the Minecraft World in a different way. With Modded Minecraft, you discover new systems and a completely different vision of the game.

Gogo08 can be found on Twitch streaming mostly on Tuesday, Thursday, and sometimes on Sundays! You can also expect an occasional upload to Gogo08 on YouTube.

Learn more about Gogo08 and his love for Modded Minecraft and content creation below!

Discover new systems and a different vision of Minecraft!

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Partner Spotlight - Q&A

  1. Everyone on the internet has a story of where their name came from, what's the story behind Gogo08?
    • The channel was created in 2012 but I was not very active at the time I posted a video per week for lack of time.
      My nickname is very old and I could not change it following my internet adventure but it simply comes from my first name "Hugo" and all my entourage nicknamed me Gogo, the 08 is simply my department of childhood.
      At the time I watched a lot of videos on the internet and there was the release of the game Minecraft vanilla I was still very young at that time and then Minecraft diversified with the mod I started watching videos than playing on my own and wanting to share what I was doing I decided to make videos on this game. Today having a lot of knowledge in modded I present different mods and adventures more and more worked on Modded Minecraft.
  2. Nitrado is partnered with hundreds of Content Creators, Modders, and Developers, how are you finding your partnership with Nitrado?
    • Being a Modded Minecraft player and playing with my Twitch subs on each of my Let's Play, my big concern was the power of the servers and in particular, the consumption of RAM, with Nitrado I was able to complete several of my projects, play without problems on my servers. As the expression says "To try is to adopt it", in fact with Nitrado I can also change games on my server in just a few clicks, which saves me from having dozens! I hope to remain a partner with Nitrado for a very long time.
  3. Everyone has a favorite game or a game they'll always come back to, what's that game for you?
    • I don't necessarily have a favorite game, I play a lot of games whether it's FPS, Sandbox, ...
      The game I play the most is definitely Minecraft, simply because it's an endless experience there is always something new and with the addition of even more mods, playing with friends or community is even more fun!
  4. Inspiration is a key thing in any venture, what inspires you with content creation?
    • My videos are the result of a lot of research and improvement if you know how rich the internet is in discoveries. From there I discover new things I put them in place and I modify and improve them in my own way to be proud of them! I also try to bring new things that are not necessarily seen on the internet to help people or make them discover new things.
  5. In today's competitive environment for content creators, switching to new games is needed to stay ahead of the curve, which means you often don't get to finish games, what was the last one you felt you'd completed?
    • As a content creator and especially on Minecraft I don't have this problem of staying one step ahead, Minecraft is a game without a real end you just need to have the imagination, to always discover new things to do. The end of Minecraft is the player who decided it, when I want to change I change, if I have completed the objectives that I set for myself, I change modpack to discover a new one and achieve my new goals.
      My first and especially my main objective and that's what I like to finish the game is seeing everything automated that with just one click I can do what I want!

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