Nitrado Partner Spotlight - TheJoCraft

The Nitrado Partner Spotlight! November 2020: 'TheJoCraft'

TheJoCraft is a German Content creator that loves to share his adventures through the world of Minecraft. Offering a look into the inner workings of Minecraft and how you can implement it into the world for automaton or a mechanism that accomplishes a task. Over at TheJoCraft youtube channel, you can find redstone tutorials produced with the channel motto: Knowledge in Minecraft through Redstone. You can find a collection of past projects on TheJoCraft website.

Learn more about TheJoCraft and his fascination for Minecraft and content creation below!

Experience Minecraft in a new way on a different level of understanding!

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Official Website - Youtube - Twitch - TheJoCraft Discord - Instagram

Partner Spotlight - Q&A

  1. Everyone on the internet has a story of where their name came from, what's the story behind TheJoCraft?
    • I discovered Minecraft for the first time a good 10 years ago and was immediately enthusiastic about the game. At that time there were tutorials on YouTube that I wanted to comment on and so I wanted to create the "JoMinecraft" account. But since this was taken, YouTube suggested that I call myself "TheJoMinecraft", which I accepted. For 6 years I was called TheJoMinecraft on YouTube, but when my channel started to grow, I removed "mine" from the name in order not to stand in the way of the new Minecraft EULA; that's how TheJoCraft came about. The name can be interpreted as: The art of Joseph.
  2. Nitrado is partnered with hundreds of Content Creators, Modders and Developers, how are you finding your partnership with Nitrado?
    • Shortly after I got the Minecraft fever, it wasn't so far away that I wanted to play with my friends. It didn't take long before I discovered Nitrado for myself in 2013. As a Minecraft kiddy, I just loved how easy it was to control the Minecraft server via the web interface and how carefree, fluid and always accessible the world was online. Since then I have known and loved Nitrado <3!
  3. Everyone has a favorite game or a game they'll always come back to, what's that game for you?
    • Not hard to guess, my favorite game is Minecraft. This game of endless possibilities has always fascinated me and my enthusiasm continues to this day. Even though I've been playing Minecraft for so many years, there is something new to discover every day - I just love the creativity that you can live out in the game. In addition, in a term paper for my teaching degree, I came to the conviction that Minecraft is educational and that it contributes to the education of children in particular.
  4. Inspiration is a key thing in any venture, what inspires you with content creation?
    • Music is inspiration and inspiration is music for me. So I like to play the piano, improvise and compose or just listen to all kinds of music. While I'm doing this, I often get the most ideas, including ideas for my content, as well as for my Minecraft builds!
  5. During a Zombie apocalypse which other content creators would you want with you?
    • In the many years that I've been making Minecraft videos, I've made many new friends who are also content creators themselves. I now even know some of them personally and well. I wouldn't want to do without these friends in a zombie apocalypse.

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